Movie Under The Stars & Other Fun Stuff You Can Experience At The Lil Flea!

Movie Under The Stars & Other Fun Stuff You Can Experience At The Lil Flea!

We all get into our set routines, our hectic work schedules and it sometimes feels like we lead a monotonous life. It is very important to take a break and indulge in activities that we don’t otherwise do on a regular basis. Dilliwallahs, here’s some good news for you. Experience #3DaysOfHappiness in the form of a li’l fest in New Delhi. With good vibes and blue skies, you can give your creative mind a sense of belongingness at The Lil Flea this weekend. We have made a list of 9 amazing experiences at The Lil Flea, Delhi edition.

Shop away!

If shop till you drop is your mantra, then The Lil Flea is where you should be. You can find multiple homegrown brands that always bring something new to their popups. You can also shop for some amazing accessories and clothing with over 250 stalls displaying bohemian, vintage and classic pieces. Brb, filling my cart already!


In the mood for food?

Ladies, if you live to eat and insta-worthy food is what keeps you going, then The Lil Flea has the perfect set up for you. This edition of The Lil Flea has over 50+ food stalls to choose from. Let the hunger games begin!

Groove to the rhythm

You know what’s perfect? Sitting under a starry night, eating your favourite food while listening to some great music. Well, if that’s your idea of a perfect weekend then you know where to be. The Lil Flea has an amazing lineup planned for you for all three days. Enjoy the best of indie, jazz, folk and original music from across the country!


Click click post…

Pastel backdrops, posters with sassy one-liners and plenty of fairy lights will make sure your Insta game is on point on all the three days. Click amazing pictures with your loved ones and sort your insta-feed for weeks to come! 

Taaro ki chaon main…

When was the last time you watched a movie in an open air theater? If that’s been on your wishlist, then you’ve got to head to The Lil Flea. With headphones, slushies and comfy mattresses, be a part of a dreamy experience under the stars and lose yourself to the world of cinematic glory. 


Adopt a Lil tree

When it comes to greens, we only have one thing to say: The more the merrier. Expand your nursery and adopt plants that will make your house and your garden look even more beautiful. Not just that, you can also attend kitchen gardening sessions and come back home with seeds

Get some coffee for spreading knowledge

Knowledge is the best gift you can give someone, right? At The Lil Flea, exchange your old books for a new one. Not just that, get a free coffee for doing this!


Bond over fun activities

Channel your inner M.F Hussain by making art. You can also get messy and mould a pot that you can take home. Learn the art of fabric dyeing and make some amazing T-shirts for your loved ones. All of this and more at the Lil Flea.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to The Lil Flea happening in New Delhi this weekend on the 28th, 29th and 1st of March 2020 at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium. 

*This post is in association with Lil Flea.