20 Questions You Must Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Take The Final Call!

20 Questions You Must Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Take The Final Call!

As a bride, you wish to have the best of everything. And why not? It’s your big day after all. You might be planning every little detail... From your outfit, the decor, the makeup artist, the favours, the list goes on. While each wedding professional and every little detail counts, it's the team of photographers who finally capture the months of planning and give you memories of a lifetime. Therefore, choosing the right photographer for your wedding is extremely important.

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We know wedding planning can be tough, and the last thing you want to do is hire someone you are not sure about. So, we have created a list of some useful and relevant questions to ask a wedding photographer before you take the final call.


1. Are You Available To Shoot On The Desired Dates?


Needless to say, you must ask your photographer if he/she is available on the dates of your wedding festivities. In case of destination weddings, you also need to make sure whether the photographer is available to shoot at the desired location.

2. Will You Be The One Shooting The Wedding?

Don’t assume that the individual having the meeting with you will shoot the wedding. Sometimes, even the pretty pictures you see on their Instagram feed is clicked by different members of the team. So get clarity on this and make sure you meet your photographer in person before you pay the advance. To get along and be comfortable with your wedding photog is extremely important!

3. Will You Be Shooting More Weddings During The Same Time?

You want the photographer's full attention and availability during your wedding days. If the same team of photographers have several other commitments besides your wedding, chances are that they won't be able to give it their all or be unavailable during an unplanned event. 

Background Check

4. How Many Weddings Have You Covered?

You only have one chance to get stunning wedding photos, so you don’t wanna hire someone who is not experienced enough.

5. What Is Your Style Of Shooting?


It’s better to know if their style of photography suits your requirement. It is your wedding, and we bet you want it your way. Do share your vision and references with them and go through a bulk of their photos. Black & white, bridal portraits, candids... What's there style?

6. Can I See The Full Gallery Of A Recent Wedding You Shot?

Viewing a full gallery will give you a better sense of your photographer’s style as well as his/her attention to detail.

7. Have You Ever Worked With A Videographer/Florist/DJ/Decorators?

Well, it’s not a must but it’s always better if all your vendors can work together amicably. They may actually end up suggesting you someone really good!

Pricing & Packages

8. What Are The Different Packages Available & What All Do They Include?

Knowing all about the different packages they have to offer and their charges is a must at the very beginning. You must ask him/her specifically about the inclusions and exclusions of the packages.

9. Will You Be Available For The Entire Day?


Wedding photography is not just about clicking the bride and groom on the stage. There are the ‘getting ready’ pictures, family portraits, fun clicks with the bridesmaids and a lot more. It's best you clarify the timings with the photographers. It's best if they are available throughout the day. 

10. Will You Be Willing To Accommodate Any Delays?

It’s practically impossible to be on schedule as far as weddings are concerned. Therefore, it’s advisable to know beforehand if your photographer will be willing to accommodate the delays (this is if you are not looking to book them for the entire day). If the photographer is accommodating, do NOT forget to ask them about the overtime charges.

11. Are There Any Additional Charges For Services Like Re-Touching & Colour-Balancing Of Photos?

Some photographers will just polish all your photographs, while others will show you the original pictures first and then work their magic only on the photos you select.

12. Will You Be Able To Customise A Package For Me?

It’s a possibility that you don’t like any of their available packages, so, do ask them if they would be able to come up with a customised package according to your requirements.

13. Are There Any Extra Charges For A Destination Wedding?


In case of a destination wedding, do get clarity on any extra charges. Sometimes, vendors inflate their prices if travelling is involved. Do check their travel and lodging preferences as well. 

Booking Terms & Cancellation Policy

14. What Are The Booking Terms & The Mode Of Payment?

Just because you are continuously in touch with the photographer doesn’t mean they have blocked their dates. Check with them on advance payments and booking terms. Some photographers even get a NOC signed so they can use your pictures on their Insta page. 

15. Will You Be Willing To Accept The Payment In Instalments?

Ask the photographer if they are willing to accept the payment in instalments, as it will relieve you from the burden of paying a hefty amount at one go. 

16. What’s Your Cancellation policy?

It’s important for you to know about their refunding and cancellation policies in case of any reconsideration at your end.


17. When Will I Get My Pictures (Or Video)?


Don’t forget to ask about the delivery timelines. Colour correcting the images and converting the raw video into a beautiful wedding film is a time-consuming job. Therefore, be sure about when they will deliver the final product.

18. What Type Of Paper Will You Use For Print Albums?

Most photographers include both digital and print format in the offered package. If you've opted for that, check with them on the quality of the paper they would be using. 


19. Do You Bring Your Own Lighting?

We’re sure that you would want to know beforehand if you have to provide any additional equipment to the photographer. Also, it’s preferable to know about the equipment as it shouldn’t be too bulky or obtrusive. 

20. What Is The Backup Plan If You're Unable to Shoot My Wedding Due To Unexpected Reasons?

If your photographer is coming with a team to shoot the wedding, you’ll have a built-in backup. But what if he/she is coming alone? You have to ask the photographer if they have a colleague on call in case of such emergencies. 

Phew! We know it’s a long list but we bet it'll help you find someone perfect for your special day.  

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