A Crash Course In Cannabis: 4 Key Benefits Of Using CBD-Infused Beauty Products

A Crash Course In Cannabis: 4 Key Benefits Of Using CBD-Infused Beauty Products

Thanks to K-Beauty, we're now seeing plenty of beauty products launch with interesting ingredients in them. Think ginseng, ginger, cactus, starfish extract, snail mucin - you get the picture. However today, there's one ingredient that's taking the world of beauty by storm and that's cannabis. While there are a good number of people who are against the use and consumption of this drug, the rest of them (beauty and wellness brands) believe that cannabis can actually be beneficial to the skin especially when dealing with acne, skin infections and ageing since it has antibacterial properties. The plant contains something called cannabinoids that's a group of active chemical compounds that can be used to treat and heal the body. 

When cannabis is used to make a beauty product, most brands use only some parts of the plant to extract CBD oil. The stalk, flowers, hemp and seeds are commonly used. The process of tearing it and putting it back together causes the loss of synthesis. The same logic applies to fruits and vegetables. They're more beneficial to our bodies when they're consumed as a whole rather than in the form of juice. You see, the fibre and nutrients are found in the pulp and skin - hence just the juice won't make the cut here. Getting back to the benefits of cannabis now. The point we're trying to make here is - choose CBD formulas that are less processed. Products that use the ingredient in its purest form. Many claim that cannabis is a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. They believe it fights cancer, helps with depression, mends bones, regulates seizures, lose weight and improves lung capacity. A new fact - your skin loves it too!  

4 Beauty Benefits Of Cannabis For Your Skin


Today, we're talking about how cannabis can be used in beauty products. Since CBD isn't psychoactive, it's easier to be used in products and sold in the market. As of now, you can find cannabis mentioned as an ingredient in serums, body lotions, creams, soaps, balms, mascara and hand creams too. Here's what it does for your skin. 

1. It Prevents Skin From Premature Aging

The CBD in cannabis is believed to be as good and effective as Vitamin C and E. It neutralises free radicals and prevents them from damaging your skin's collagen and elastin by keeping it tight and youthful. Plus, it keeps the wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines at bay. 

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2. No More Acne

Ladies who have acne-prone skin, products made from cannabis can definitely help combat acne. Due to its antibacterial properties, cannabis destroys any bacteria lurking on the skin's surface. You also don't have to worry about them clogging your pores as they're non-comedogenic in nature. 

3. Helps Heal Damaged Skin

If you've gotten bitten by a bug, suffering from a rash, or have dry skin in general, apply a cannabis-infused cream. It will treat, soothe and heal the area. It also works for serious skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and can relieve you from itching and further inflammation. It can also be used on the feet to heal and smoothen rough skin. 

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4. It Protects Your Skin From The Sun

Since cannabis is loaded with vitamin A & D, it helps to stimulate cell regeneration for a healthier complexion. The fatty acids in cannabis also protect skin's outer layer and prevent sun damage. 

Cannabis-infused products work for almost all skin types. Also, we recommend that you do a patch test first in case you decide to use it. If your skin experiences any irritation or burning sensation, you should refrain from using the product. 

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