Why Be A Bridezilla When You Can Be A Bridechilla - 7 Ways To Beat The Wedding Stress!

Why Be A Bridezilla When You Can Be A Bridechilla - 7 Ways To Beat The Wedding Stress!

There’s a reason why the term ‘bridezilla’ was coined. The stress that comes as a package deal with wedding planning can turn the calmest person into a monster! And rightly so. After all, it’s the biggest party you’ll ever plan for yourself, it’s your SPECIAL day and you’ve probably waited for this one for years. Aside from planning to host 400+ people, emotions are running high too, and not just for you but everyone around you as well. It’s only natural then that the best of us turn bridezillas when planning the wedding. While this is bound to happen eventually, we give you some ways in which you can reduce stress when preparing for your big day. 

7 Ways To Be Stress-Free When Planning Your Wedding

You want to be a ‘bride-chilla’, don’t you?

Create a timeline

Count the number of months from the day the wedding date gets fixed and plan your wedding timeline accordingly. Make sure you stick to it and keep ticking off tasks that are completed. For example, the broad budget should be decided and venue hunting should begin 8-12 months before the D-day. Your wedding invites should be finalized and order placed at least 6 months before the wedding. This is also when your lehenga search should also begin. Having a timeline will keep things under control and on track. Bear in mind though that everything might not work out exactly as per your timeline and that’s OK. You can tweak it around along the way. 

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Too much research isn’t always good

We’re all for you making informed decisions on the caterer you want to hire or the decor that you’d like for your sangeet. However, doing too much research and having too many options can lead to a lot of confusion and second-guessing your final decision. So, do thorough research but don’t go overboard. That will only cause more stress. Try not over-thinking!

Have a clear idea of how big you want your wedding to be

This is something you need to have clear in your head from Day 1. Whether you want a 1000-guest dhoom-dhaam wedding or a 300-guest intimate affair. Fluctuating, in this case, can lead to lots of confusion and inevitable stress. All your wedding planning decisions will be based on this plan after all. 

Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Identify your core team (from your family and besties) and the strength of each of your team members. This will help you divide the work in an organised manner and you will get the best results out of it. Remember that you cannot do all the work yourself and delegating it will make your near and dear ones feel more involved in your wedding. This will also make the whole process a lot more fun!

Attend wedding/bridal shows as soon as you get engaged

Do this well in time. In fact, place this right in the beginning in your wedding planning timeline. Attend wedding/bridal shows to identify and meet with the decorator whose aesthetic sense matches yours, the designer you want to wear and get familiar with the wedding trends of the season. Having all this under one roof will help you envision your wedding and have a clear idea of how you want your big day to be. 

Pick vendors who can multitask

Having one point of contact for multiple wedding services makes the process a whole lot easier. So, go for a decorator who does flowers, furniture and tenting. Or go for a planner who also does wedding decor and entertainment planning. Keep in mind to minimize the number of vendors and you’ll be more at ease during the entire wedding planning phase and on the big day too. 

Remember that it’s YOUR wedding

Many family members will try to make it about themselves and have an opinion on every call you make with regards to your wedding. In such times, all you have to remember is that it is in fact YOUR wedding and you must make that clear to everyone. It’s inevitable that everyone cannot be on the same page as you all the time. So some friction is bound to happen but you must make an effort to keep calm and make sure you enjoy the process and the D-day too.

This time ain’t coming back, girl. Live it to the fullest!