Increase Your Productivity: Here's A Guide To Building The Perfect Workspace

Increase Your Productivity: Here's A Guide To Building The Perfect Workspace

Did you know that several studies suggest that companies lose a lot of business because of unhappy workers? Well, we will all agree that an employee’s unhappiness can decrease his/her productivity to a great extent. But what we don't realise is how your boring workspace can drain all of your energy and positivity. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a dull cubicle. If you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time at your desk, it might as well be pleasant, right? 

So, why renovate your cubicle? Well, experts believe that revamping your workspace can benefit you tremendously. And trust us, there is a great deal of logic behind it. 

8 Ways To Create A Perfect Workspace For Yourself According To Science

Believe it or not, the spaces we occupy can really shape who we are and how we behave. Given that many of us end up working in the same office or even the same desk for years, it makes sense to organise your desk in the most appropriate and beneficial way possible. Based on recent findings, we have listed eight ways in which you can create a perfect workspace according to science. 

Make it green

Did you know that a mere presence of plants around your workspace can affect your creativity? Well yeah, you read it right. Experts believe that the benefits of nature can extend beyond what you can think of. Several studies have shown that the presence of indoor plants in your office can have a real impact on an employee’s happiness. Plants not only improve your ability to be attentive for longer durations, they can also reduce your stress. So grab some plants and take a step towards creating a perfect workspace for yourself.

Windows matter


Experts believe that exposure to sunlight can also play a major role, so if your desk is anywhere near a window, you’re kinda sorted. We experience an imbalance in serotonin and melatonin, which regulate various functions inside our body such as appetite, mood and sleep if we deprive ourselves of sunlight. A 2013 research from Northwestern University shows that employees in offices with windows sleep better at night than the ones who don’t.

Add pops of colour

Yes, we told you all about the importance of windows and natural lighting at your workspace but do not worry if it’s not possible. You can always add pops of colour by other means. Different colours have different impacts on people and therefore you have to choose them wisely. While blue-enriched light bulbs might be able to reduce fatigue, earthy colours like brown and green can make you feel calm. If changing the lighting is not a possibility, you can play with the colours of your stationery items. 

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Choose rounded furniture

Honestly, if you have the luxury of designing your office, consider choosing rounded furniture rather than the one with sharp edges. Several studies have suggested that people have found round and curvy furniture more appealing than straight-edged ones. But it’s not just about the looks. Apparently, sitting in circles leads people to work with a collaborative mindset while sitting at long rectangular tables triggers the feeling of individuality. Individuality is good but we all know how important teamwork is, right?

Decorate your space


It’s always better to be around a lively place than a dull one, and decorating is the easiest way to pop it up. From a few inspirational posters to pictures of your loved ones, you can put anything and everything that you feel will make you happier.

Own your workspace

Experts believe that the simple act of choosing how your workspace should look has an empowering effect and can result in increasing your productivity.

Keep your desk a little messy

‘If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?’ ~ Albert Einstein

And that’s exactly the point. Some professors at the University of Minnesota found that the people around a messy desk came up with more innovative ideas than the people in a tidy room. Well, so try NOT cleaning your desk once and you might feel the difference. 

Ditch your office chairs


We all know that sitting on a chair at your desk is not good for your physical health, but looks like, it’s not good for mental health as well. According to science, you should spend less time sitting in your workspace all day and move around more. The simplest way to do this is to ditch the chair and opt for a standing desk. What do you say?

It’s really easy to neglect the importance of small things in your life but we hope that this article has helped you to change your thoughts about that. Even if your freedom is restricted, make sure that you do as much as possible and rest will follow.

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