Twitter Is Flooded With ‘Follow me for more recipes’ Memes & We Can't But Go HAHAHA

Twitter Is Flooded With ‘Follow me for more recipes’ Memes & We Can't But Go HAHAHA

Man, I love the internet! It's a place where you can do almost anything and everything--from watching cat videos to googling "can plants grow on Mars?" Yep, it's a good time to be alive! Do you know what else is awesome about the internet? MEMES! The best part is that memes will never go out of fashion. Just like fine wine, they get better with time. 

Come to think of it, there's a meme for every topic under the sun! Beauty, politics, relationships, Bollywood, animals, aliens, sci-fi stuff--you google it, you'll find it. The latest viral trend that has flooded our Twitter feeds is "Follow me for more recipes". It's basically people cheffing up food in the most basic way possible (and messing it up). In one meme template, you'll see two pictures--one is of the base ingredient and the second is a modified version of the dish. What's hilarious is that the final dishes look anything but edible. Let's check 'em out!

1. Who'd Ever Think That Misal Pav Would Get This Famous, Right?

Also, whoever posted this, I have a message for you--please don't use plastic! K. Thanks!

2. When Peeling An Orange Becomes A Life Skill

When life gives you oranges, you peel the shizz out of them. 

3. How Many Of You Still Don't Know How To Clean A Pomegranate

Guilty of still not knowing how to clean a pomegranate even though I'm 27 years old.

4. Bet You Didn't Know How To Slather Jam On Bread!

Probably the fastest cooking recipe you'd ever learn. 

5. Or Boil Rice!

Random question. What's healthier--boiled rice or fried rice? 

6. Once You See It You Can't Unsee It

And here I thought the idea of people eating Maggi with tomato ketchup was bad. 

7. Wait? Where's The Logic In This? DED.

If someone gets this logic, please enlighten me too. 

8. Water Turned To Milk? That's Magic!

I've heard a story about water turning to wine, but water into milk? 

9. Pour Boiling Hot Water Into a Cup of Noodles? Mind Blowing!

Raise your hand if you've ever poured boiling water into a cup of noodles and later found a plastic fork hidden in it. *facepalm*

10. Did You Know That Peanuts Came In Shells?

I'm sure you're one of those people who pours water into a cup of noodles and later finds a plastic fork hidden it.

And you thought they just come in packets. 

11. Someone Is Feeling Berry Good Today!

Definitely not me after finding this meme. 

12. When You're A Pro At Playing Fruit Ninja

Slice 'em, dice 'em and eat 'em. Got it?

Which of these memes on Twitter made you go ROFL? They're might not make sense, but what in life makes sense anyway? Something for you think about *wink*

Featured Image: Twitter