The Pros And Cons Of Rebound Sex You Need To Know Before Taking Things To Bed Again

The Pros And Cons Of Rebound Sex You Need To Know Before Taking Things To Bed Again

Breakups are so hard, especially when the relationship was a long and loving one. Every person has a different way of dealing with it. Some people choose to binge-watch movies that lead to crying fests while others drown themselves in tubs of ice-cream seeking refuge in the warmth that comfort food provides. It is, however, those who choose to go out and fulfil their carnal desires the ones who have to make the most difficult choice - shall they or shan’t they? While we’re all for having rebound sex, as long as no one gets hurt, one must know the pros and cons that come with this decision. After all, you don’t want your bruised (or broken) heart to have to deal with more.

The Pros And Cons Of Rebound Sex

Once you’re familiar with these, you can go out and paint the town red, or not!

Pros Of Rebound Sex

1. It’s Liberating
After a breakup, going out and exploring yourself, and the other person you’re hooking up with, can feel liberating and freeing. You may try new things you’d never imagined and experience things your body did not know would feel so good.

2. A Validation Of Sorts
It’s natural to let yourself go in a relationship. Even if you haven’t, people can start taking each other for granted and those little compliments just stop. So when you go out and somebody shows interest in you, you feel wanted again and that gives your sense of self a validation nothing else can.

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3. The Comfort Of Physical Contact
One of the downsides of a breakup is missing all the cuddling and the makeout sessions. Physical contact plays a huge factor in overall happiness and while you may not be looking for a relationship, rebound sex gives you just that.

4. Improves Mood
It’s natural to be heartbroken and wallow in self-pity after a breakup. But hello, sex is scientifically known to improve your mood and make a person happier by all the feel-good hormones that are released. So why not?

5. The Thrill Of It All
If you’re in a relationship, you get sex whenever you want, no biggie. But after a breakup, the whole chase and the ‘will they, won’t they’ can feel so different and good, you’ll forget all your woes.

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Cons Of Rebound Sex

1. The Possibility Of Regret
There is a huge possibility that you may regret hooking up the morning after. If it’s a carefully thought out decision, then it wouldn’t affect you as much but if you acted on impulse and hooked up without a second thought, you may wake up with guilt and regret.

2. A Reduced Chance Of Reconciliation
Jumping into the sack with someone else right after the breakup may reduce any chances of getting back together with your ex. If you are really in love and still wish for things to work out, rebound sex is a no-no!

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3. Stay Away From Strangers
Haven’t you learned, a stranger may be a danger? You never know how your random one-night stand is going to react the next morning or if heading over to their place or inviting them to yours is safe or not!

4. The Sex Could Be Bad
Listen, in all probability, that hookup may be bad. I mean, you know nothing about each other’s bodies or sex. While the sex you have with your long-term partner is comfortable, they also know everything about your body and which buttons to press.

5. Your Sexual Health Is At Risk
This one is pretty self-explanatory. You don’t know anything about them or their sexual history and health. Are you really okay with trusting them with your body?

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