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Turn Me On: A Masturbation Playlist To Ensure Your Big O Is Even Bigger!

Turn Me On: A Masturbation Playlist To Ensure Your Big O Is Even Bigger!

One of the best things that we humans are blessed with is sex (consensual though). Whether it is with a long-term partner, a casual hookup or a self-love session, the end result is usually so satisfying and liberating, that we crave more of it. Let's be honest, masturbating is actually amazing. Nobody knows your body the way you do and nobody can get you off as you can. To touch yourself is actually self-care because you're giving yourself a much-needed way to relieve all that stress. And like all other self-care sessions, there needs to be mood lighting and good music while you're showing some love to yourself. 

Here Is A Masturbation Playlist That Will Keep You Going!

These songs will have you feeling yourself more.

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1. Party For One, Carly Rae Jepson

If the name of the song isn't suggestive enough, the lyrics sure are - 'If you don't care about me, I'll just dance for myself.'

2. Love Myself, Hailee Steinfeld

'Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else' - makes for the perfect masturbation anthem, in my opinion!

3. Sex With Me, Rihanna

All the self-love you ever need. There is nothing better than sex with me, for me. BRB, running my hands all over myself. Here are some tips you don't wanna miss!

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4. Turnin Me On, Keri Hilson

After all, 'she don't know how to miss me, she hits right where she aims.'

5. Body Electric, Lana Del Rey

The momentum and music of the song are such that it'll instantly put you in the mood. Top that with Lana Del Rey's music and you've got a song you can come to multiple times.

6. Pillow Talk, Zayn Malik

Not only does Zayn have an amazing voice that makes you feel things, but touching yourself while thinking about doing the deed with your partner is just something else. 

7. Good For You, Selena Gomez

Even Selena knows that the one person good for you is you (and probably that vibrator you've been thinking about for a while).

8. If, Janet Jackson

The lyrics of the song talk about sexual fantasies and helping yourself. If Janet can get there so many times, so can you!

9. I Don't Need A Man, ThePussycat Dolls

You don't need a man, or a woman (if you have yourself or your trusty sex toy) with this song playing in the background. Truly a liberating experience, I must admit.

10. Dancing In Circles, Lady Gaga

This woman just knows how to get you going. By the end of the song, it's your hand that'll be dancing in circles. *wink*

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