Let's Be Real: 10 Beauty Resolutions You Can Keep This Year

Let's Be Real: 10 Beauty Resolutions You Can Keep This Year

2020 is here and just how you've made a list of New Year resolutions for yourself, there's always room for some tweaking. If you're someone who is passionate about skincare and makeup, then this tiny article will motivate you into becoming a more informed, disciplined and smart beauty maven!

10 Realistic Beauty Resolutions You Can Keep This Year

In the beginning, avoid setting unrealistic goals for yourself. Start with baby steps. Your beauty resolutions needn't last only till 2020 - they should become a lifestyle. 

1. Wash Your Makeup Brushes


At the back of your mind, you know you have to clean your makeup brushes, but ain't nobody got time for that, right? WRONG! It's 2020 people. Make hygiene a priority this year. Unwashed makeup brushes become a breeding ground for bacteria. Hence, once a week, set aside a few minutes to make your magic brushes squeaky clean. Pour some baby shampoo or cleanser into a large bowl filled with warm water, add a few drops of baby oil to it. Place the brushes in the bowl for a minute until the bristles are soaked, now rub the bristles against your palm or a brush cleansing mat. Place the brushes on a dry towel and leave them to air dry. Repeat after a week again. 

2. Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

We're in January right now and in most parts of India, the weather is still cold. Before your skin cracks or itches, master the art of moisturising. When to do it? Just after a shower when your skin is damp. This helps the product to get absorbed faster into the skin. When moisturising, don't just apply the cream on your arms and thighs - show your elbows, inner thighs, breasts, back and underarms, some love too. 

3. Remove Your Makeup Every Night


You have to stay true to this beauty resolution. Every time you come home from work or from a party, do NOT go to bed with your makeup on. It's disgusting not just for your skin but for the poor white pillowcases as well. First use a makeup remover to remove your makeup and then, wash your face with a mild cleanser. Follow it up with a moisturiser. Yep, it's as easy as that. 

4. Hello SPF!

A cult skincare product you need by your side is a sunscreen. Avoid stepping out of your home without wearing sunscreen as the harsh rays can damage your skin. Want to know a cool tip that will save you some time? Mix sunscreen with your BB cream and apply it to your skin! You're welcome. 

5. Water Is Your New BFF


On New Year's day, you probably must have had too much to drink. Give your body the time and space to heal and detox. Hydrate and repeat. The moment you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water. Continue to take frequent sips during the day. The more hydrated you are, it will show on your skin. Also, hydration doesn't just mean water. Green juices and hot soups are beauty secrets to fantastic skin too. 

6. Turn Off The Lights At 10 pm!

Beauty sleep is a real thing, guys! The more rest you get, the more energised you feel in the morning. Turn off the lights at 10 pm, switch off your phone, read a new book or listen to soft music till you fall asleep. 

7. Declutter With Zero Attachment


Clutter attracts more clutter - let this sink in. Don't hold on to items because they have sentimental value or you'll use them 'one' day. That fine day will never come. Grab a big dustbin bag and toss products that have passed their expiry date or no longer serve your purpose. If they're still in good condition, you can gift them to friends and family. Only keep the ones that spark joy *Wink* 

8. Don't Use Beauty Apps To Edit Your Pictures

Repeat after me - you are beautiful just the way you are! If you have freckles, own it. If you have stretch marks, own it. If you have baby fat, own that too! The key here is to embrace who you are regardless of the colour you're born with, the scars you have on your body or the crazy hair you have to live it - they are things that make you, YOU! Be kind to yourself and avoid pointing out beauty flaws in others too. 

9. Less Is More


Makeup should never look cakey or feel heavy on the face. It should be used to accentuate your existing features. Also, the less product you put on your face, the more breathing time you're giving your skin. Hence, no clogged pores, just happy skin.

10. Stop Changing Products Like You're Changing Clothes

I know it's hard to stick to just one product when you have a billion to choose from. Especially, with skincare. Your skin takes a while to adapt and agree with a new product. If a product is working for you, stick with it. Switching products every month can irritate your skin and cause breakouts. That's probably the last thing you want to deal with in 2020.

So ladies, which beauty resolution from this list will you pick? I'm sure you're capable of acing them ALL! Good luck.

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