Thanks But No Thanks: Ridiculous Things Team POPxo Has Heard After Getting Married!

Thanks But No Thanks: Ridiculous Things Team POPxo Has Heard After Getting Married!

Agree to disagree, we're a country that's obsessed with weddings! Right from choosing the venue to selecting the decor to coming up with cutesy hashtags for the married couple - we want to be part of it ALL! While active involvement is encouraged during the wedding, it's not appreciated after the celebrations. Some people miss the bus here. Inquistivity and curiosity get the best of them and they show no regard for the newlywed's privacy and relationship. Poking their nose into every tiny thing - it's exhausting having to put up with it all! Even team POPxo agrees. 

Ridiculously Random Things Team POPxo Has Heard After Getting Married

Why don't you watch the video? We bet that some of these will make you want to say, "Arre yaar" in absolute disgust!

Krithika Kumar, Junior Editor

"There are lots of things you get to hear once you get married and some of them are nice and some of them are not nice and some are from people who have got nothing to do with you. I remember when I had to leave for a 6-8 day trip, people asked me how my husband would eat food now that I had left him all alone. But excuse me? The same way he's been eating for the last 28 years!"

Supriya Srivastava, Deputy Editor

"I don't like wearing bangles that much. One day the presswala saw me and asked my mother-in-law, "is this the new bride? She said yes and he told her that my hands looked empty and it doesn't look like that I'm a new bride at all because I'm not wearing big, fat bangles."

Aashima Jain, Video Head

"In 5 years, I've heard the same thing said to me about 500 times. When am I going to have a baby and show them his/her face."

Prachi Bishnoi, Brand Solution Manager

"When I was small, guests would ask me to think a song, recite a poem and now, after marriage, they tell me to wear more gold. What am I? Bappi Lahiri?"

Manasvi Jaitly, Assistant Editor

"We had just gotten married and I called out to my husband by his name and someone in the house just randomly stood up and said how can you call your husband by his first name?

Even though this video scores high on dark humour, it's an issue we must address. For instance, avoid asking too many questions and putting couples into awkward situations. Keep to your own business and let them live the life they want to lead without your interference or gyaan. What you can offer on the contrary is your support and love towards them. Not to forget, be sensitive, kind and respectful to their space. They will appreciate you for it.  

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