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7 Patriotic Movies That Every Movie Buff Should Watch On Republic Day

7 Patriotic Movies That Every Movie Buff Should Watch On Republic Day

This Sunday, India celebrates the 71st Republic day!

So obviously, you’ll be awakened in the early hours because of the Republic Day celebrations or to catch the prominent Republic Day parade on your TV (aren’t you getting all the patriotic feels already?). While we do love to spend our weekends by lazying around, binge-watching on repeat, what better day to catch up on patriotic films than today?

The magic of Indian cinema spares no one. While we do love to watch our actors fall in love on screen or break into a dance sequence almost everywhere, but there’s a separate fanbase that appreciates movies that exude desh bhakti to the max. And if you’re one of us, you should definitely consider watching at least one of these movies this Republic Day!

Uri: The Surgical Strike

Everyone's current heartthrob, Vicky Kaushal's commercial success, Uri: The Surgical Strike made him a household name. This riveting movie is based on the infamous 2016 surgical strikes against militant launch pads that were conducted by the Indian Army across the LOC in the Pakistani-administered Kashmir. The film is divided into five chapters and each chapter focuses on a different series of events that led to the strikes.

Watch it here.

Rang De Basanti

Definitely not your average teen romance movie, this one revolves around a group of friends who have no clue on what to do with their lives until an inquisitive British filmmaker ropes them all for a film that she's making about the brave freedom fighters under the British rule. The entire movie shows different stages of emotions faced by the previously-apolitical group, the tragic death of a fellow member due to the corrupted government that awakens the desh bhakt in them and how inspired by their roles, they collectively decide to avenge the ruthless killing.

Watch it here.


Sehmat Khan is an undercover RAW agent who gets married into a Pakistani family by her father so that she can get all the required information about the possibility of a future attack by the neighbouring country. To know what happens next, watch this beautiful movie this Republic Day and we bet you'll be left with goosebumps!

Watch it here.


An IAS officer, Ashwat is asked to lead an important operation to develop and test nuclear weapons but there's a *chemical* twist, the American agencies should not learn about it. Intrigued? Well, hit play!

Watch it here.


Rustom, a naval officer, is happily married to his wife, Cynthia but soon learns about her affair with another man, Vikram...who gets murdered. A conspiracy to buy old and dusted ships and the home minister is involved too? Can Rustom stop it all?

Watch it here.


This must-watch *vintage* Bollywood movie (it was released in 1965) is based on Bhagat Singh's life. Set during the Indian Independence movement, it showcases how a brave Bhagat Singh fights against the dominant British government, sacrifices his life and becomes a legendary figure in Indian history.

PS: Do keep the tissues handy.

Watch it here.


What happens when our mortal enemy, Pakistan gets to know that there aren't a sufficient number of soldiers guarding the Longewala region in India? They attack with full force. Does the helpless Indian army vacate their respective posts? Or did they run away? What about the current stock of their arms inventory? What happens the following morning?

Watch it here.

PS: Desh bhakts unite!

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