You, My Darling, Are A Gift: Sasha Chhetri On The Joys Of Birthing & Raising Her Baby Girl

You, My Darling, Are A Gift: Sasha Chhetri On The Joys Of Birthing & Raising Her Baby Girl

Dear Nyra,

I write this to celebrate you and hope that when you are old enough to read this letter, celebrating yourself is second nature to you. You, my darling, are a gift. Unapologetic in what you want for yourself, kind, loving, gentle and quick to leap from rest to joy. Every day you teach me what it means to be present.

Your father and I had been planning to conceive you with our own time table in mind. We tracked dates, met doctors and finally gave up after a few years of trying. Of course, it would be then that you made your appearance in my womb. Back then I was so surprised but now that I’ve met you, it makes so much sense. You are not one to fit into another person's scheduling. You march to your own drum and I will keep trying to be conscious of that fact when building my relationship with you.

Throughout our pregnancy, I felt you guiding my body on what I needed to be healthy and happy. My cravings for restricted foods were non-existent and contrary to what I had believed, I didn’t miss my wine at all! You spared me from the usual nausea of the first trimester and even managed to instil a love for exercise via yoga and long walks... This is super shocking to your father till date! You made even the biggest changes in my life seem like the easiest ones and all I had to do was listen. Listen to my body that was caring for you. All I will ever do henceforth is listen. I promise to always hear you out truly and honestly.


You had been in my womb for 40 weeks when my doctor and I mutually decided to induce labour. I was eager to meet you and since I had gestational diabetes, we were advised not to wait further. I guess you weren’t ready because you kept us waiting for 18 hours! Labour was an out of body, out of mind experience that brought your father and me closer than we could have imagined. Sharing that space together is a bond you gave us and it strengthens every day with our love for you. Thank you.

When you decided it was time for you to come Earthside, it was quick! Barely 5 minutes of pushing and you were in my arms! Shoutout to my labour team at Sitaram Bhartia for keeping me hydrated and my mind prepared for the tumultuous occasion of meeting you for the first time. If there are words to describe that feeling, I don’t have them right now. Bone deep exhaustion layered with relief and suffused with happiness and contentment.


It has been 16 months since that day and my heart continues to expand. My consciousness has been activated and I know I am a better person than I was. You have the power to fundamentally change people for the better, you have the strength to carry a family’s happiness on your tiny shoulders and I know you will continue to bless this world with your grace.

As new parents, your father and I make mistakes every day but we are committed to raising you in love and fostering your independent spirit through every step of this beautiful journey called life.



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