#MyStory: We Had Sex While His Parents Were Asleep In The Next Room!

#MyStory: We Had Sex While His Parents Were Asleep In The Next Room!

Kabir and I have been dating each for the past five years and needless to say, after a point things do get a little monotonous. I mean yes, we do love each other, but you know what I’m talking about, right? After spending so many years with someone, things do get a little mundane. And this calls for taking things to the next level, and no I’m definitely not talking about shaadi, yaaar!

A Little Backstory Before I Indulge You With Details About The Most Exciting Night Of My Life

Kabir and I meet up daily and we'd discuss all the non-exciting, work-related things over a hot cuppa coffee. And so one day, while I was sipping on this overly sweet hazelnut mocha, he asked me if he would like to spend a night at his home. I mean, yes we’ve done that before so I wasn’t quite surprised... until he told me that his parents would also be in the house.

Wait, WHAT?!


I was at a loss of words and I thought “I’m just joking” would be his next sentence but it wasn’t. He said it’s been long since we spent alone time and since his parents aren’t going on vacay anytime soon, let’s just do it. (Yes, those were his actual words). 

After a long, long pause, I asked him the most obvious question. “But how?”

To which he replied, “My parents sleep early these days. By 12:30 am, we can sneak into the house and go to my room. And we can sneak out by 6 am before my parents wake up”.

I couldn’t wrap around my head around this nutty idea but he somehow managed to convince me by explaining HOW he would sneak me in. He said "I'll first take a quick peek around the house and check if everyone’s asleep and later sneak you in when the coast is clear."

Let me tell you one thing, it wasn’t easy! My mind was clouded with thoughts like, what if someone wakes up in the middle of the night? Or sees me sneaking in? After all, his parent’s room was just a foot away! Plus his house is on the 20th floor, it’s not that I can jump out of the balcony, right? 

My face revealed all of my worries and “don’t worry, baby” was his reaction. Don’t worry?

After convincing me that he had been thinking about sneaking me in for a very long time and has considered all the possibilities, I shook my head in approval. (Seriously, what was I thinking?)

Fast-forwarding to the actual day, my heart was pumping at twice the speed, all day long. He told me to be ready by 12 am and by 12:30, it was time to head home, his home! While Kabir was parking his car, I could almost hear my heart pumping out of my chest. This is really happening, I thought. 

“Let’s do it here,” said Kabir, suddenly, breaking my thought process. Before I could even say no, he was already on top of me, kissing my lips, neck, and shoulders. He started to unzip my skirt and used his fingers to tease me a little and soon after he was inside me. It was so hot, my head was spinning and it was the best sex we’ve ever had...NOT!

After the hot and steamy car sex, we went to his house. He let himself in and I was outside, waiting for him to give me a sign and tell me that the coast is clear. After five minutes (which felt like five hundred), he came outside and asked me to tiptoe into his room. Once we were in, I was so scared because *that was it*

There’s no turning back, anything can happen. Parents might wake up in the middle of the night or worse, wake up early in the morning and then there’s no way I can sneak out. 

Kabir just grabbed me by my waist and kissed me like he’s meeting me after years, so much passion. And he kept on kissing me and I forgot where I was. From my lips to my fingertips to my waist… he kissed me everywhere and didn’t stop for a second. He took off my top while I unzipped his pants. And just like that, we were butt naked. He stopped kissing me, looked me in the eye and then he was inside of me. Although we have sex regularly, this was a different experience, it was everything. We had sex all night long and just when I was about to climax, he would either put his hand over me or kiss me.

Around 2 am, his mother knocked on the door and yes, that was it. I almost died panicking and Kabir? I think his soul left his body for a minute. But he simply *ignored* his mama, turned off his night lamp and started to kiss me again. “But, aunty?”, I asked. “Trust me, I will not let anything happen to you” and at that moment, massive love for him suddenly overtook my mind, I turned him over and it was me who was on top. His mother didn’t *disturb* us for the rest of the night. 

We both sneaked out around 5:30 am and “what if someone decides to wake up early” was on my mind. And what happened after that? That’s a story for another day.

But hands down, this was the best, most exciting night of my life. We built such a connection, spoke in length about how much we love each other and of course, had sex...while his parents were asleep in another room. I mean, this is some serious badass shizz, don’t you agree?

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