#MyStory: He's All Wrong For Me, But I'm Falling For Him Anyway

#MyStory: He's All Wrong For Me, But I'm Falling For Him Anyway

I make excuses for his behaviour, about how he treats me, how my friends are ‘misunderstanding’ him all the time, how he is not like this when we are around our common friends because the truth is, he has changed but I can't help fall for him anyway!

I met my *bad boy* at a cutesy coffee shop in Mumbai. And it was the best cup of coffee I ever had!

It was my first time in Mumbai and so far, so good. I was visiting an old school friend of mine during the month of July and the rain gods were perhaps too happy upon my arrival. For the first three days, it was just raining cats and dogs (now I totally understand why little Jonny wanted the rain to go away) and we killed time watching Netflix on repeat. On the fourth day, we finally went out but unfortunately, my friend had to leave me in the middle of the chaotic Colaba market because of a work emergency. Honestly, I didn’t mind it that much as I am a solo shopper. After exhibiting my *Dilli wali* bargaining skills to the Mumbai shopkeepers, I was on my way back home and guess what, it started to rain again.

I decided to take shelter in one of the shops and thought that I’ll take a cab as soon as the rain calms the F down. After a few minutes, I decided to book the cab but unfortunately, no local cab was free and my phone had died as I was playing music all the time. Fully drenched, I walked into a cutesy lounge for a hot cuppa. As soon as I entered, I saw *him*, wearing a loose white tee and grey sweatpants, why were you wearing grey sweatpants?!

As I was enjoying my hazelnut mocha, there he was, standing in front of me.

Cue: hello, you!

“Cab nahi mili?” He asked.

“Huh, excuse me?” I responded.

“Oh, sorry. Going to sound very stalker-y, but I had been watching you how you were trying to catch hold of a cab itni der se. It was really funny


“Anyways, I’m Raj”. Enjoy that cup, you deserve it, cabbie

“Already giving nicknames now, are we?” I thought to myself.

“Haha, yes. Thanks”, I said, in a meek voice.

Then he went to the counter behind me to pay and as he was going towards the door, I have no clue who took control over my body as I got up and went up to him and said, “Ahaana. You forgot to ask my name. It is Ahaana” to which he graciously replied, “Haha, yeah. I forgot to ask your number too”.

It was that moment, the exact moment I could feel common sense leaving my body and filling the void with a gazillion butterflies.

I went home and told my friend about what had happened. And as soon I saved his number in my phone, I got an Instagram request from him. And since his profile was on public, I took a good ten minutes to stalk him and his *hot hot* photographs before accepting his request. All night, we exchange DMs via the ‘Gram. He kept asking me about myself, sending me my posts and asking stories behind them. Two days after our encounter, we met again, much to my friend’s dismay (she believes he has a *fukboi* sense) and we spent an entire day together. But alas, it was time to come back to Delhi.

Our day usually starts by texting each other “good morning” or cozy bed selfies. Because we stay in two different cities, we try to make full use of technology and stay connected every time possible.  Sexy selfies (sex-fies), regular video calls, constantly tagging each other on memes, we keep the conversation alive but things are not the way they look like and I know it.

We are dating, yes but half the time, I have no idea where is he, who is he hanging out with, is he even at work, who are his friends but he knows EVERYTHING about me! There are times he would not answer my calls or respond to my text messages but he is posting stories on Instagram with girls I’ve never seen before (Drake would be so disappointed). He’s partying out late, constantly meeting people and just not being available when I need him.

Although we’re just in our dating phase and I shouldn’t put much thought into it, I can’t help myself. I’m falling for him. Every time I hear his voice, I go weak in the knees. His charm is irresistible and I know he doesn’t feel the same way or the same intensity. He is more of a carefree guy and believes in living for the moment. He is not the guy for me and I know it.

Yes, every one of his friends knows about me but we live in different cities and it’s hard to keep track. He lies- a lot. And when I confront him, he tells me that how much he likes me and he would never do anything to hurt my pretty face. I mean, total bullshit! He often comes to Delhi, to surprise me and it’s my favourite time of the month. His warm hugs, captivating smiles, amber coloured eyes, rock hard abs- was he made in fursat by the great creator? I think so!

Whenever he’s in town, he’s so different. It’s like I’m all he sees. He makes plans in accordance with my office timings, plans everything in advance, often surprises me with little gifts but honestly, if he could just hug me and never let me go...it’ll be more than enough.

But as soon as hhe lands in Mumbai, he’s a completely different person. That charming gentleman, who can kill me with his smile, is gone! Again, it’s all about his life, his space, his friend’s circle. I have no idea what’s happening.

These last ten months have been a rollercoaster of emotions. I have never felt so vulnerable in my life. I know there’s no future with him. Our lifestyle doesn’t match at all, we live in different cities and we see each other once a month. Complicated would be the understatement of the year but I can’t help falling for him.

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