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Snug & Stylish: How I Layer My Basics Without Looking Like A Bundle Of Bulky Sweaters

Snug & Stylish: How I Layer My Basics Without Looking Like A Bundle Of Bulky Sweaters

It’s a new day and I, Aditi Bhalotra, POPxo’s Marketing Manager, is here to take you through a brand new POPxo look--mine! As a summer child whose ideal day would be spent lounging by the beach, I find the winter in Delhi quite aggressive. So when it comes to dressing myself during this frigid weather, my number one priority is to keep myself warm and toasty. But, I always try and find a way to put my fashionable foot forward while avoiding looking like a bundle of bulky sweaters. My outfit today caught POPxo’s in-house fashion maven Upalina’s eye, so read on for a breakdown of my look and my go-to fashion mantra for winter.

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Love For Layers

To keep myself warm during the winter, I resort to the age-old fashion trick of layering. Today, I’m wearing a velvet-on-velvet outfit, which keeps me warm and also looks sharp. I absolutely love neutrals, so I’m wearing a taupe-coloured sweater paired with a black velvet knee-length skirt.

The best thing about winter is that you can wear a skirt without freezing your cute little tush off? Coming to my rescue is this thick velvet embroidered jacket, which makes me feel like glam rock superstar David Bowie. To keep myself extra-toasty, I’m wearing sheer black stockings underneath my skirt, and a pair of grey knee-length boots. Never underestimate the power of the stockings-boots combo in this chilly weather!

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Comfort First

When it comes to my personal style, I’ll always prioritise comfort over what’s ‘trendy’. Which is why you’ll probably never see me in fishnet stockings or towering heels. I don’t feel restricted in my skirt-and-jacket combo, and I’ll pick that over tight-fitting skinny jeans any day. My boots are flat-heeled, which makes it easy to dash from one meeting room to the other in office. This is why my winter staples usually consist of cosy sweaters, warm jackets and flat-heeled shoes.

Get The Look

If your style is similar to mine and you're looking for some ispo when it comes to staying warm AND being stylish--here’s a complete breakdown of my outfit:

Sweater: Zara. Buy similar here.

Skirt: Sarro. Buy similar here.

Jacket: Shein. Buy similar here.

Boots: Zara. Buy similar here.

Featured Image: POPxo

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