He Put A Ring On It? Engagement Etiquette Is A Thing & Here's What You Need To Know

He Put A Ring On It? Engagement Etiquette Is A Thing & Here's What You Need To Know

Getting engaged is one of the many relationship milestones you will make with your partner. That tiny, sparkly ring on your finger isn't just a fancy piece of jewellery, it promises marriage and symbolises love, trust and loyalty. If you recently got engaged, you're probably over the moon right now. Congratulations! 

Engagement Etiquette: 7 Things You Need To Know

Before you share this amazing news to the world, it's important to keep these pointers in mind. Let's start with getting you familiar with the term 'engagement etiquette'.

1. Who Should Know First?


If it wasn't posted on FB or the 'Gram, it probably didn't happen. Don't take it personally, it's just a millennial school of thought. While acting on impulse by posting on social media may seem like the best thing to do at the moment, hold on, think things through. Your mother would not appreciate hearing of your engagement on social media rather than you telling her yourself in person. Before you seek love on social media, pick up the phone and tell your family first. Next up, relatives like your cousins, aunts, uncles and so on. Close friends soon after. Social media should be your last stop. Make sure your captions aren't long and drowned in mush. Short and crisp engagement quotes are the way to go.

Pro Tip: Don't feel pressured to do all of this on the day that you get engaged. Space it out. Maybe tell family and friends on the day you got engaged and social media after a couple of days. One day or another, your virtual friends are bound to find out! 

2. Colour Me Elegant

If you have the slightest hint that he's going to pop the question, you might want to book that manicure appointment ASAP. Posting a picture of the ring with chipped or poorly shaped nails in the background isn't going to fetch you sweet compliments or likes. Sad but true, people on the internet pay attention to detail. You have one chance the click the perfect picture and it's important to do it right the first time itself. When choosing the perfect nail colour to flatter that diamond ring, go the classy way, always. 

Pro Tip: At least for this special time, avoid gaudy colours like electric blue, neon pink, fluorescent green, lemon yellow and so on. Opt for neutral and pastel hues like baby pink, forest green, navy blue, plum purple and basic nude or even a french manicure. The key focus should be on your ring and not on your nails.

3. Know The A-Z About Your Ring


Like it or not, people are going to ask you plenty of questions when they see the ring on your finger. Some of them are dying to know how much it costs, are the diamonds real, which store did he buy it from, what's the carat - these questions seem rude and uncalled for, but they come your way regardlessly. Keep calm and answer these questions with a smile. If the ring is bought from any jewellery store, you will get an invoice and card that has all the details about the diamonds and the gold. Of course, you shouldn't just give out this information to any random person who asks. However, if it's family or a close friend or colleague, you can share a fact or two about your ring.

Pro Tip: At the end of the day, the size or quality of the ring shouldn't matter, it's the intention that counts. Even the most expensive ring in the world won't mean a thing if it isn't given with love. So, treasure what you have.

4. Who To Invite To Your Big Day

If you're having an engagement party, you must know that whoever you invite for this event, needs to also be invited to your wedding day. Ideally, the engagement party should be intimate and only meant for friends and family to attend.

Pro Tip: Not inviting those for the wedding who showed up for the engagement party is just rude and insensitive. Be mindful of the people you invite and create a guest list for the wedding accordingly. 

5. The Guests Aren't Expected To Come With Gifts


For the engagement party, the guests aren't obligated to come with gifts. If they do, then open the gifts in private and not in front of them. No matter how big or tiny the gifts are, accept them with a smile without turning anyone down. After all, they were each bought out of good intention.

Pro Tip: A great way to thank people for being a part of your celebration is to make small but memorable & personalised thank you favours for your guests. If you specifically mentioned that you didn't want a gift and you received one anyway, donating them to a charitable organisation is a great way to help someone in need.

6. What To Wear

Anything that makes you feel comfortable and identifies as YOU, you should wear it. However, if you're asking for serious fashion advice then I would say something dreamy like a gown or pretty lehenga. Cool colours, pastels and neutral tones will set the vibe for your big day. 

Pro Tip: Matching outfits with your man is another cute option a lot of couples like to opt for. Cheese or cliche aside, it makes for some wonderful Insta-worthy pictures so we aren't complaining! 

7. Who Throws The Engagement Party?


Usually, it's the bride's parents that take care of the costing. Nowadays, both the bride and groom's parents divide the cost for the engagement ceremony. However, there's no right or wrong way to it. It's also okay to not have a lavish engagement party. A small ceremony in one of the couple's hometown should work just fine. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate your engagement, we're sure it's going to be a memorable one. Good luck!

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