20 Reminders That'll Serve As The Perfect Pick-Me-Ups For 2020!

20 Reminders That'll Serve As The Perfect Pick-Me-Ups For 2020!

Every new year begins with a new ray of hope. Hope to be better and be different than the previous year. But what happens if you don't feel it? What if ten days into the new year you're feeling hopeless? Relax. You're only human and it's okay.

We all need reminders every once in a while. Sometimes, we're capable of reminding things to ourselves while other times, we need someone to guide us. It can be a friend, a parent or sometimes, even a stranger. So, this 2020, we want to be there for you. To tell you that you're special. For now, here are 20 reminders if you're not feeling your best self.

20 Reminders That'll Serve As The Perfect Pick-Me-Ups For 2020!

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You don't need to be on a strict diet

It's the circle of self- love, darling. Fall in love with your body. You need no changes!


You are beautiful

Look at you... just look at you!

Things will work out... eventually!

They did in 2019, they will in 2020... yet again!

Cut out toxic people from your life

If you didn't already do that in 2019, now is the time. 


It's okay to not be able to keep up with your resolutions

You will get there eventually, girl.

Travel as much as you can

Because memories fill your pockets.

It's okay to take things slowly

The things around you don't define you.


Don't hold grudges against people

Forgive them for your own good.

You make a difference

Like I said, you are important. Very important.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone has a different journey.


Take time out for yourself

Because that is the best therapy.

Catch up with people who matter

They help you grow in life.

Don't try to please everyone

Only you matter at the end of the day.


Jot down a gratitude list

It goes a long way.

Being vulnerable is normal

Makes all of us normal. 

Start saying no

Sometimes, you need to learn to say it.


Your ex does not define you

Nor does your past.

Say good things to yourself

And mean every word of it. 

Celebrate small wins

They motivate you to be better.


The year has just begun

and so will good things!

So put on that smile and get ready for all the awesome things coming your way!

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