6 Bollywood Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Scream Why Bhagwan, Why?

6 Bollywood Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Scream Why Bhagwan, Why?

In this day and age, it's disheartening to know that photoshopping pictures is still encouraged and to see celebrities promote this idea of distorted reality is even worse. The need to look perfect 24/7, like you have your life together isn't something we should be encouraging. It's about time that celebs in this country should learn to accept their bodies as they are and not try to change them to fit a brand's ideology of perfection. Since our country is obsessed with Bollywood, most people look up to B-Town stars to draw beauty and fashion inspiration from them. It would be a bummer to know that for all these years, they've been pursuing lies and unattainable beauty standards.

6 Bollywood Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Say WTF

Luckily, a few people show no fear in calling out these celebrities. Here are 6 Bollywood photoshop fails that made the internet go "Why Bhagwan, Why"?

1. When This Photo of Deepika Padukone Went Viral


This picture posted by Deepika's stylist, Shaleena Nathani, on Instagram is a real photoshop fail. Not just us, but the good people of Instagram noticed how photoshopped her nose and eyes are in the photo. Does it also seem like they lightened Deepika's lovely natural dusky skin colour here? Well, it has the word 'fail' labelled all over it!

2. Where Are Your Knees, Kareena?


This picture looks perfect until you pay attention to the detailing. Take a look at Kareena's shadow. Her calves look bulkier in her shadow. Oh, and speaking of legs, Kareena's knees have been smoothened out too. It's like she doesn't have knees! Bebo is naturally beautiful, why would this amazing editor think otherwise?

3. Kartik Aaryan Or Photoshop Fail? You Decide!

All hell broke loose after one Instagram account called this ad, "Problematic, tone-deaf, 2000-late version of masculinity and misleading too." It didn't end just there, the internet not only started to make fun of Kartik Aaryan's fake abs and hairless chest, but also question the brand's story plot and morals. The brand suggests that men who have a hairless chest are considered more attractive and are able to date more women than men who have hair on their chest. Another user rightly commented, "This ad is wrong on so many levels...fake abs...toxic masculinity...now promoting hair removal as sexy for men also as if women were not enough."

4. Anushka's Whitened Underams


Usually, Anushka takes on Bollywood projects with substance but we wonder what went wrong here. This is her for a personal care brand. Weirdly, her underarms garnered some negative attention because they look polished AF. Many pointed out that her underarms whitened on purpose and smoothened to the point of disbelief. We'd love to disagree, but the photo tells no lie. 

5. Frieda's Skin Looks Lighter


When this ad campaign came out for a personal care brand in 2011, many made comments about Frieda's skin being lightened. While the brand denied all allegations at that time, the Bollywood celeb believes otherwise. In an interview with a British daily newspaper, she confessed, "I'm sure they did, because that’s not the colour of my skin you saw in a few of the campaigns.” She even asked the brand for the original pictures to see the difference. Whoever is at fault here, it's a sucky move. On the contrary, celebs and brands should celebrate natural skin colours and portray them as they are.  

6. When Did Katrina Get Barbie Eyes?


Katrina's face looks squished and she's got weird Barbie doll eyes here in the poster. Her lips look fuller in the poster too! Maybe intended to give Kylie Jenner competition? Okay, poor jokes aside, we hope we don't see any more heavily photoshopped Bollywood posters in 2020. 

Which of these Bollywood photoshop fails made you cringe? We're sure ALL the photos did! 

Featured Image: Instagram