#POPxoLucky2020: The Top 20 Stories Of 2019 That Took It Up A Pop!

#POPxoLucky2020: The Top 20 Stories Of 2019 That Took It Up A Pop!

While we bid adieu to 2019 in style, there are a few things we are eternally grateful for; you guys! We at POPxo, cannot thank you guys enough for showing us such immense love and support on social media, POPxo Shop and on our stories! And if by any chance, you may have missed reading some of our awesome content, here's a list of the top 20 stories in 2019 that have made it to our hall of fame!

20 Stories That You Might Wanna Read, Again And Again And Again...

These are the stories that surpassed all expectations and made our entire team oh-so-happy!

This Story That United Feminists Pan India

While Kasautii Zindagii Kay definitely made a lot of headlines this year, it's the narcissistic and oblivion factors in this particular episode that drew our attention. Prerna, Anurag - keep 'em aside, WHAT was THAT?! If you have no idea what we're talking about, read the entire story here.

If You Ever Wondered How Kiara's Fam-Bam Reacted To Her Epic Climax Scene

Ya, ya, we know that you know (what we are talking about here.) After giving us an epic *climatic* performance in Lust Stories, we had one thought in our minds. We wondered how a typical Indian family might have reacted to a hot, steamy scene like that. If like us, you too are intrigued to know how Kiara's grandma reacted, you should definitely read our story here.

The Story That Attracted My Fellow Gossip Mongers

Is it true that Salman Khan once got robbed by fans and that our darling Aaradhya Bachchan is not Abhishek Bachchan's daughter?! Wait, what? Read the *scandalous* story here.

Warning: Cringe-fest Ahead

Are you ready for a cringe-fest 101? What if I told you that a photograph exists which shows Rekha 'sniffing' (or it looks like it) a hairy armpit or a pregnant SRK. You don't believe us? Why don't you read the story here?

When Nysa Showed Us The Most Practical Way To Make Use Of Those Expensive Hoodies During Summers

Nysa Devgan is not oblivious to all the media trolls around her (she's just a teenager, just leave her alone!). And when she stepped out in *just* a sweatshirt, the internet vellas had quite the field day. Honestly, she looks BOMB AF and actually shows us a practical way to wear your expensive hoodies during the summers too. So, the joke's on you guys, read the story here.

When Janhvi Was Relatable AF

In today's episode of celebs are just like us... Janhvi reveals ki woh "Itne paise nahi kamati" after being trolled for repeating clothes. What even?! Read the hilarious story here.

When Sonakshi Gave Us Some Latex Love

Miss Sinha has a massive love for latex...er...dresses?! A trend popularized by the Kardashians, latex is slowly becoming a wardrobe fave and if you thought that's it is not your style, allow Sonakshi to convince you otherwise. Fall in love with her entire look here.

When Sabyasachi Proved Why Is He Truly The Master Of His Art

Sabyasachi is, undoubtedly, the master of Indian couture and his collections are not just clothes, they are masterpieces! And when he used plus-sized models to promote his alluring collection, it just made us love him even more. And speaking of embracing all bodies, we have Falguni Shane Peacock who shamed plus-sized models. Read the entire drama diary here.

If You Ever Wondered What A Guy Wishes To Do With Your Boobs!

Dear girls, ever wondered what a guy feels like doing to your boobies? Read it from a guy's perspective, here.

When Aamir Khan *Allegedly* Had An Affair?!

Versatile actor Aamir Khan is more in news for his real-life roles than his reel-life avatars! And when it was reported that he might be 'dating' Fatima Shaikh, we were shocked, to say the least. At least, the actress has responded to the alleged grapevine. Read her full statement here.

When Sanaya Irani Debuted A Photo Of Her Bundle Of Joy

Probably the cutest telly couple, Sanaya and Mohit met while shooting for Miley Jab Hum Tum and their sweet love blossomed from there. And that cute baby boy, ahh, we cannot get enough of him! Read about their sweet announcement here.

Can A Girl With Big Boobs Confirm This?

If you are someone who is blessed with big boobs, you know how fun they can be. But have you done all of these things with/to them? Are you 'bu(r)sting' with joy? We wanna know! Intrigued, right? Read this fun story here.

Deepika Padukone As A Beautiful Bridesmaid At Her Bestie's Wedding

While we still cannot get over Deepika Padukone as a bride but it as a bridesmaid? She looks beguiling as ever. And don't forget to share it with your would-be-bride BFF! Enjoy her entire look here

The Lamberghini Craze That Spared No One!

Dear bestie, please dance to 'Lamberghini' at my wedding. And if you no idea how, watch it right here.

Deets About The Famous Ambani Bahu

Who is the Ambani bahu? How did she first meet Akash Ambani? What does she do? We answer all your questions about the new member in the Ambani clan, right here.

Hazel Keech'es Battle Against Bulimia And Depression

The bubbly Hazel Keech spoke up about her mental health, her struggles with bulimia and depression and how it changed everything in her life (the only #10YearChallenge that matters, TBH). We just wanted to hug her for hours! Read what she said, here.

Mira Kapoor Coloured Misha's Hair And It Was Too Cute To Be Not Shared

Mira Kapoor coloured Misha's mane using a temporary colour and we love how adorable she looks! You HAVE to see her, here.

Sweaty Hair, Who?

No matter how many times you wash your mane, oil is always the ultimate winner, spoiling our 'good hair' days. And if you too are often agitated by the fact that your hair sometimes acts as the biggest oil producer in the world, we know how that can be taken care of. These are the best hair hacks you're ever going to need, read them here.

When Prerna's 'Eye'conic Makeup Stole The Show

Being in love with makeup hopelessly, seeing beautiful #MOTD looks brings so much joy to my heart and this stunning look was no different. Look at her gorgeous full face of makeup here.

Healthy Snacks For The Win

Instead of ordering junk via your fave food apps every day, munch on these delish and healthy snacks instead. So, say no to momos and start eating these instead.

We hope you had an awesome time reading all the bookmark-worthy stories that we had so much fun writing!

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