#POPxoLucky2020: Decoding The Top 20 Fashion & Beauty Trends Of The New Year!

#POPxoLucky2020: Decoding The Top 20 Fashion & Beauty Trends Of The New Year!

The beauty and fashion industry is ever-changing. Some of us swear by K-beauty techniques while others are going gaga over the fashion right off the ramp in Milan. As we dug deeper, we came to find that while some old classics remain hot favourites in the new year, there are some new fashion and beauty trends that you need to know about. 

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Make those inner corners pop


Be it a neon shadow or a dab of shimmer, make those inner corners of the eyes pop, girl. This will not only accentuate the shape of your eye but also make you a trendy chic 2020 gal!

Soft matte blush

Pick your favourite peach or pink matte blush and put it on generously on the apples of your cheeks. If you want to be a tad bit extra, go on and make a ‘C’ with the blush - start at the apples of your cheeks and drag it till your brow bone. 

Lips that shine

Huda Kattan gave a whole new meaning to matte lips in the last couple of years and we LOVE those liquid mattes she does! However, 2020 is all about shine and gloss. Add on a clear gloss over your lipstick for a sheen that will grab eyeballs everywhere you go. 

Also, did we mention that the gloss will also make your lips appear fuller?

Effortlessly cool updos


2020 is going to be all about looking beautiful in the most effortless manner. Updos have been around for a while and will continue to be a favourite on the runway in the new year. So, bun up ladies, and pull out some strands to frame the face for an added touch. 

Tips don’t lie

The French Manicure is such a winner. 2020 however, gives you a free pass to play around with this classic. Go for coloured tips, or even shiny ones if you may!

Move to the side

How romantic does a deep side parting look?! Keep it sharp and deep in the new year too. It will anchor any of your hairstyles beautifully and it suits every face shape as compared to the middle part. 

The classic red


A bold red lip - the most loved and eye-striking choice, don’t you think? This one’s never going out of style, ladies. So go on and rock that red lip in the coming year too. 

Pro tip: Always use a matching liner to keep the colour from bleeding. Put on a coat of your red lipstick, dab it with the help of a tissue and then apply another coat for it to stay on all day long. 

Sustainable brands for the win

With sustainability being at the core of our lifestyle these days, it’s only natural that 2020 will see beauty and fashion brands do their bit for the planet. Not only will brands be seen choosing simple and recyclable packaging, but even the 2020 customer will opt for beauty and fashion brands that are environmentally conscious. 

Glow up already

Layer on those serums, cleansing oils and essences - 2020 is the year for skincare and facials to hydrate and plump up your skin. So no harm hoarding those products, ladies. Slather them on day and night for an unforgettable glow. 

Heard of ‘non-touring’?


Contouring and accentuating the facial features was big in the last few years. Now, it’s time for non-touring! Glowing skin and no makeup will be the way to go in 2020. Soft strobing and dewiness is what you should be aiming for. 

BIG dresses be so stylish

Go BIG or go home! Well, at least if you’re a fashionista who doesn’t want to disappoint in the new year. Big, structured dresses are here and will be shown some extra love in 2020. 

You're going to love puffy sleeves

They really do make a statement! This 90s fashion trend is back with a bang and will be seen on and off the ramp in 2020. So go ahead and fill your shopping cart with that trendy stuff, won’t you? 

Bags so small, you’ll want them all


Micro bags have been doing the rounds in 2019 but when Lizzo carried a micro mini one for the 2019 AMAs it became the talk of the industry and on the internet too. Grab yourself one, we say, because small is BIG in 2020. *wink*  

Bold & floral

Floral prints and then some more floral prints. This trend can never be overdone. It’s only going to get bigger and bolder in 2020. Slip on that floral dress now, and be the fashionista you are!

Of jackets & sarees

Be it jacket blouses or wearing jackets over sarees, this trendy chic way of pulling off the traditional Indian outfit with a contemporary twist will be a hit among celebs and at weddings too.  

Hello, tiny sunnies!


Okay, this one has Gigi Hadid’s stamp of approval. And we don’t need any other reason to say that this will continue to be quite the trend in 2020. A tiny pair of sunnies is what you need to make a statement in the day (or even in the night). 

Dress up disco style

We’re talking sequins, glitter, mirrors, et al. Shiny, reflective dresses are making a huge comeback and we couldn't be happier about this 2020 trend. 

Layering necklaces

Noticed how Khloe Kardashian pulls off multiple necklaces like a boss?! Layering on a couple of dainty neck-pieces or a mix of delicate and chunky ones will be the 2020 fashion statement you don’t want to miss!

Athleisure, OF COURSE!


All of our favourite celebs have carried off the athleisure airport look at some point and we give them a 10-on-10 for that. This ultra-comfy and trendy look will spill into 2020 too. Because what’s better than stepping out in tracks and sneakers, right?!

Honorary mention: White tee and denims!

An oldie but goodie, this. The best combination of all time - the humble white t-shirt and blue jeans! This one will never ever go out of style and will look trendy and fashionable each time you sport it in the new year. 

Bookmark this list and always be on-trend!