#BestDressed: The Most Amazing Cosplay That We Spotted At Comic-Con This Year

#BestDressed: The Most Amazing Cosplay That We Spotted At Comic-Con This Year

Growing up, fictional realities, heroes and anti-heroes have been an important part of our lives. Each year Comic Con India brings us closer to this world of fantasy. Cosplay is a big part of Comic Con, worldwide, where fans dress up as their favourite characters from the world of comics, movies, and video games. Imagine looking like your favourite pop-culture character and winning a grand prize for being the best at it! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

After Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai, Comic Con India, the country’s greatest pop-culture experience, is all set to come to Delhi this weekend. The cherry on the cake is the line-up; from legendary artists like Bernard Chang; known for his work on Wonder Woman, X-Men, & Superman and many other MCU heroes and villains, Chad Hardin, Harley Quinn’s artist, and Bill Golliher, from the creative team of Archie Comics; to stand-up comics like Abish Mathew, Rahul Dua, Sumaira Shaikh. So, gear up to engage, explore, experience the magic at the #BestWeekendOfTheYear, and here’s a sneak peek into some kick-ass cosplays we’ve seen in 2019.

Such armour, much wow.

Desi Tartette De Fruit’s stitchwork game is on-point!

Ezio Auditore, taking on enemies in the dark.

Time to transform and roll out epic cosplays!

Kill Jaeden (World of Warcraft) slaying with the FX.

Watch out for the Diablo(ical) Malthael cosplay!

Maleficent is here to rule!

The ultimate Dragon Knight avatar!

And finally, some more #CosplayGoals

Looks amazing, right? We’re super-stoked to be at Delhi Comic Con, get your passes here and come say hello to the PopXo team, we’ll see you there!

*This post is in association with Comic Con India.