Our Video Producer Shreya Says Hello To Soft Skin With Our Butter Up Buttercup Body Butter

Our Video Producer Shreya Says Hello To Soft Skin With Our Butter Up Buttercup Body Butter


Chamomile & Pink Lotus Body Butter

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What It Is

Let me introduce you to your winter love affair, our 'Butter Up Buttercup' Chamomile And Pink Lotus Body Butter. Set aside your body lotion as the temperature dips and make space for this small tub o’ love. It's a little bit of lotion and a little bit of butter all whipped together with a dash of oil. Sounds like we’ve cooked up the perfect one for you! The bright side? We’ve dressed it up in pink and blue, made sure it smells pleasant and pleases you in all the right spots! 

What Else It Does

Letting you in on a little secret to sexy, glossy skin this season. Use body butter for an all-over glow in winter. On the palm of your hands, mix a little bit of liquid highlighter (and foundation) into your body butter and apply all over. Focus the product on areas like your shins, shoulders and collarbone. It can also be used to take your makeup off, soften dry feet and repair damaged cuticles. Did you know that you could use it as emergency hair gel? When your hair looks dry and frizzy, blame it on the scalding hot water you use to bathe in winters. Apply a teensy bit of body butter and smooth it over your hair, keeping it away from your roots. It will keep the flyaways at bay, add shine and soften your hair. 

Buttercup T-shirt (Regular Fit)

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What It’s Made With

Love and other ingredients like Beeswax, Shea and Cocoa Butter, Coconut, Almond, Lotus and Wheat Germ Oil, Tulsi Extract, and Glycerine.

Shreya Reviews The Butter Up Buttercup Chamomile And Pink Lotus Body Butter

Shreya, our Video Post Producer, is a ball of energy at work and the woman behind all those POPxo videos you happily like, share and subscribe. We got her to review some of our new beauty products and take our tub of butter home to sample. A bong by heart and (glowing) skin, you wouldn’t think that Shreya suffers from a chronic case of dry skin. It’s probably because she religiously bathes in moisturiser. Walk past her desk (even in the sweltering heat) and you would typically spot her giant bottle of moisturiser before you see her. 

Checking all her boxes - hydration, texture, fragrance and feel, our body butter is her partner in crime this season. “It has a beautiful fragrance guys, and why I like it is because it is really moisturising and hydrating especially for winters and dry skinned beauties like me. So, I would definitely recommend this product,” says Shreya. 

Why You Need To Try It

If we’re being honest, Butter Up Buttercup is about to replace every other body butter you have dipped your fingers into. As we’re quickly stepping into winter, our skincare regime too needs to transition. Butters, oils, and creme formulas will make sure that your skin isn’t dry or flaky.

If you have dry skin, use our body butter round the clock to restore your skin’s sheen and texture. With time, you’ll notice an enviable glow and an irresistible bounce. That's Chamomile and the Nut Butters in our formula working their magic, repairing and bringing your skin back to life. Its light and airy texture makes it an absolute pleasure to apply, and it sinks right in without leaving your body feeling sticky under your clothes.

We have used a combination of the best natural and organic ingredients to make these skincare products. This luxurious formula will make moisturising less of a chore and more of an indulgence. We’ve tossed in some Chamomile to soothe your skin and some White Lotus to give it an absolutely divine, yet subtle fragrance. The best way to apply this would be onto damp skin after a shower; this helps absorb all the moisture in the air and keep your skin soft all day long. 

Have you tried any of our new beauty products? 

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