#POPxoBeauty: Our Marketing Head Sasha Chhetri Reviews Our Orchid And Papaya Body Lotion

#POPxoBeauty: Our Marketing Head Sasha Chhetri Reviews Our Orchid And Papaya Body Lotion

Orchid Oil & Papaya Body Lotion

INR 799 AT POPxo

What It Is

A light body lotion that you will instantly fall in love with!

Rich, creamy and intensely nourishing, our I’m Sexy And I Own It Orchid And Papaya Body Lotion is a formula like you haven’t seen before. It has made its way to every table at POPxo and is everyone’s favourite. It provides hydration through the day, boosts collagen production and brightens your skin. Sasha Chhetri, our Head of Marketing, says, “It’s not very heavy, it rubs in so nice and smooth." 

What Else It Does

Our favourite way to use this body lotion is to layer it below a fruity perfume. Did you know that applying body lotion or body oil onto your body (or pulse points) before applying perfume can make your fragrance last longer? Yep, apart from keeping your skin nice and smooth, it will make your favourite perfume linger all day. You could even use it to soften cracked heels and calluses. 

What It’s Made With

Love and other hydration-boosting ingredients like Beeswax, Shea and Kokum butter, Almond, Wheatgerm and Vitamin E oils.

Sasha Chhetri Reviews Our I’m Sexy And I Own It Orchid And Papaya Body Lotion

Sasha Chhetri has taken on two massive roles recently, that of a mommy and a marketing ninja! She’s our head of marketing and mother to the cutest one-year-old girl, Nyra Nyza. One look at Sasha and you’d be certain that she leads a healthy, mindful life. Her skin is flawless, so it’s definitely skincare over makeup for her. When Nyra isn’t demanding Sasha’s attention, she spends her time looking for her next skincare splurge. “As a new mom, I’m picky about my choices and not everything makes it through the mom-filter.” Ingredients and formulations play a large role in dictating what goes on her skin. Sasha is always on the hunt for best clean beauty products that are easy to use and look pretty on her dressing table, which is why she loves our I’m Sexy And I Own It Orchid And Papaya Body Lotion! Describing it in one word, Sasha says that its formula is ‘unbelievable’!

Why You Need To Try It

The body lotion is an olfactory and visual delight. At POPxo, we love products that have a personality! When we decided to launch our own range, we knew that a pump was indispensable because it makes the product easier to use. Our bath and body solutions have a sturdy pump that can easily be controlled to dispense just the right amount of lotion for every use. “This one gets a lot of use, I use it on my body, my hands and my feet,” says Sasha.

For a complete sensory experience, we recommend applying this after a shower on warm, damp skin. Massage it in lightly to lock in all that moisture. Apply a little extra to your knees and elbows. The formula, along with moisturising your skin, also urges it to heal. You know that uneven skin on your feet, knees and elbows, or those pesky marks you get after waxing? The papaya extracts in the formula will help brighten dull skin and fade spots, scars and other marks. Use it daily to boost collagen production and help your skin repair and regenerate. Take Sasha’s word for it, “It is unbelievable.”

Love it? Buy it! Also, check out #POPxoBeauty collection for products that need to be on your dresser.

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