Beauty Horror Stories That'll Make You LOL So Bad You Might Spoil Your Mascara!

Beauty Horror Stories That'll Make You LOL So Bad You Might Spoil Your Mascara!

Imagine it’s your BFF’s big day today, she’s getting married! You have bought yourself the most stunning dress for the occasion, taken hours to perfect your makeup, especially to do your eyes...only to get it all messed up by your nth attempt to perfect the cat eye at the last minute...not cool!

(Just between you and me, a cat eye can sense your fear, never attempt to do one when you're in a rush!)

This happens to the best of us and you’re definitely not the only one. These hilarious *beauty horror stories* we came across on Reddit and other social media platforms are proof that your makeup mishaps aren't the worst.

will make you feel so good about your life RN.

These Beauty Horror Stories Will Give You All The Chills

Warning: These beauty fails will make you think twice before doing your makeup or purchasing a new products. 

This Girl Who Will Probably NEVER Go Near An Eyeliner Again...

"A few years ago I was using a liquid eyeliner, and the little applicator was dripping with product. I begin to apply when a huge ass firework goes off pretty much outside my window out of the blue, I jump and jab the applicator into my eyeball, full of stingy black liquid. I screamed,  I fell to the ground with my eye stinging like crazy and watering. After rolling around on the floor in pain for a minute or two I look in the mirror. My poor eye was glowing red for 2 days and somehow I managed to get eyeliner coming out of my nose..."

This Girl Who Took A Bath And Turned Pink

Twitter user, @abishenton tweeted, "Hi! @lushcosmetics," she tweeted, "just a quick question, are your products supposed to stain the human skin fluorescent pink?"

Later on, she clarified her beauty horror story by adding, "The product used was called 'Razzle Dazzle' and it is not a bath bomb!"

Oh, that's why she turned all pink!

This Cat Is A Budding Makeup Enthusiast

"My cat loves makeup. I like to sit on my floor in front of this huge window to do my makeup, and she'll trot over and start gnawing on the end of my favourite eyebrow pencil. She even stole one of my brushes and hid it in her bed."

Yes, Makeup Does Expire!

"My mom still has makeup that she had in high school and college. She still uses it. I told her the other day that I've been doing research on makeup and eyeshadow expires within about 2 years of opening it. And mascara expires within 3-6 months. She said, "Wow, I've had some of my makeup for decades! No wonder my eyes are itchy!" 

This Woman Had A Truly Traumatic Bathing Experience

This woman shares her hilarious bathing experience!

"I washed my arms and shaved underneath them. I washed my neck, breasts, stomach and back. This far, it had been a positively first class bathing experience. And then. AND THEN. Oh. Dear. God. MY VAGINA WAS ABLAZE...Some twelve hours later, my front bottom has finally calmed down, though I may well be suffering from as yet unconfirmed PTSD. My eyes have eventually stopped watering. And so, in the interests of public safety, I thought I would pen you this missive."

BRB, Hiding All My Expensive Makeup!

"My lovely, young cousin was backpacking around the country and landed on my doorstep. Sure, stay a few weeks by all means. The next minute, she showers and decides to use all my cosmetics on her face. "Hope you don't mind!" - she says!

1...Completely different skin colours mind you, but hey could be worse until... 2. I saw that she has used my brand new Diorshow mascara & black eyeliner all through her waterline!. I wear contacts and I am crazy germ-phobic.

She was thrilled when I promptly gifted them to her, what else could I do?"

If You Think You're Having A Bad Hair Day...Think Again

If your mane isn't behaving, look at the bright side... at least you're not as unfortunate as this woman. A woman used builders foam on her hair accidentally, and her hair? Well, why don't you have a look yourself? 


Using Tester Directly On the Lips...I Could Never!

"Standing in an insanely crowded Sephora right before they closed all stores in my country and this woman took a tester of lipstick and applied it directly to her lips. Mouth to lippie contact with the tester. I almost died. She then proceeded to preen in front of the mirror while I stood there with my jaw on the ground."

Please please please don't do this, use a sanitizing spray to clean the product and use a disposable brush on the counter to maintain hygiene. 



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Aren't you feeling so glad that none of these horrifying experiences have ever happened to you (or have they?). 

What was your favourite beauty horror story of 'em all? Do let us know!

Featured Image: Twitter

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