15 Hilarious Excuses That Are Guaranteed To Get You Out Of Work!

15 Hilarious Excuses That Are Guaranteed To Get You Out Of Work!

The weekend is the best way to unwind and relax. But then before we know it, reality hits hard and the 9-5 demon comes crawling back. Can you all put a hand on your heart and tell me honestly how you feel about going to work every day? While we all may love our jobs but in reality, sometimes, we just enjoy that unplanned mid-week break.  

As a boss, I have heard some really bizarre and ridiculous excuses that people have used to get out of work. It can be weird (and is frowned upon) but honestly, it is an art to come up with such excuses! 

15 Of The Most Innovative & Hilarious Excuses That I’ve Heard!

Have you ever used any of these?

“I can’t find my glasses”

Can't force you to work in such a situation, now can we?


“My car has a flat tyre and I don’t know how to fix it”

Ever heard about a mechanic on-call?

“My dog peed on my laptop”

Like he ate your homework?

“My extended family is visiting”

Of whom no one has ever heard about!

“My neighbour got mugged”


So you’re going to the police station with him?

“I have to go get my licence from the police station”

Have they impounded your car for drunken driving?

“I am still drunk from last night”

And you’re actually telling me that?!

“My ex is here at work and I have to escape”

Go run, girl!

“I twisted my leg while walking to work today”


Basically, you have a weekend getaway on your mind, right?

“The faucet in my bathroom is leaking and my house is now flooded”

What does one even say to that?!

“I forgot to switch off the gas at home”

OMG, what to do now?

“My friend just met with an accident”

Uh, oh... okay then.

“I ate something at work yesterday and I can't stop throwing up”

We all ate the same damn thing!

“I have misplaced my office locker key”

Of course, you have no other option but to work from home. 

“My iPhone is updating and it's connected to the home WiFi”

*Slow clap*

How many of these have you used?!

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