Flutter Away! 6 Brilliant Ways To Style Your Lashes This Holiday Season

Flutter Away! 6 Brilliant Ways To Style Your Lashes This Holiday Season
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No matter how big or small the results are, the primary goal of any beauty treatment is to accentuate your existing features. Lip fillers ensure fuller lips while microdermabrasion works towards removing age spots and lightening acne scars, similarly, lash treatments help to define and enhance your eyelashes. Adding a little drama to your peepers is the easiest way to play dress up. If you're wondering how to make a bold statement with your eyelashes, here are a few pretty cool eyelash treatments you can opt for. Whether it's investing in eyelash extensions, lash lifts, falsies, lash tinting or simply bringing home a good quality mascara, we're sure either of these will make your eyes POP! 

Here Are 6 Ways To Flutter & Flirt Your Way Through The Holiday Season

Now that Christmas and New Year is around the corner, what better excuse do you need to get your lashes done, huh? 😉

1. Lash Lifts With Tinting


This is probably of the hottest and newest trends in the beauty market today. You're probably wondering what eyelash lift (aka perm) and tint treatments are anyway? A lash lift is a new age European lash service that uses a special kind of cream solution to curl, lift and tint your lashes. Before getting the treatment, it's important to seek consultation from the technician first. That way, they will be able to examine the thickness and length of your natural lashes and then recommend the best treatment for you. Try opting for a lash lift treatment that includes keratin. Keratin helps to promote longer lash growth, boost volume and strengthen natural lashes. In a nutshell, it's a hardy treatment. The kind that does not allow lash damage even if you rub your eyes, apply mascara or sleep with your face down on the pillow.

Lash tinting, on the other hand, is somewhere in between applying mascara and or eyelash extensions. An eyelash tint helps create the illusion of perfectly groomed eyelashes. It's meant to darken your lashes and give them a bolder, wide-eyed look. If you opt for this treatment, I assure you that you may never want to use a lash curler or a mascara ever again.

If you're based in South Mumbai, you can get it done at Shagun Gupta Permanent Makeup Centre

Cost: Rs 9,000 plus taxes

Contact: +91 9594618481/+91 22 22090670 / 22090040.

Address: Shagun Gupta Permanent Makeup Centre - Metro House, 2nd floor, above Metro Cinema, M.G.Road, Marine lines, Mumbai 400020

If you're based in the suburbs, you can get it done at The White Door Spa

Cost: Rs 3,999 plus taxes 

Contact: +91 7400438834

Address: The White Door Spa, 8, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

2. Good Old Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara - Black
INR 2,320 AT Nykaa

If you're blessed with long lashes, then a top-quality mascara will do you good. While there are plenty of mascaras in the market to choose from, making a decision to settle for just one becomes tough. A safe buy would be the Roller Lash Curling Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. When you compare the product with other drugstore mascaras, it does seem expensive. However, it's worth every penny. Packed with provitamin B5 and serin, this mascara boasts of having an instant curve-setting formula that holds the lashes for 12 hours straight!

3. Eyelash Extensions


You want those extra-long, extra-full, that VA VA Voom lashes, don't ya? If your answer was yes, then mascara won't make the cut. You need some heavy-duty stuff. Eyelash extensions in this case. Simply put, they are false-lash fibres which are made from faux mink, synthetic and silk. They're either stuck on as a bunch or individually with the help of semi-permanent glue to your lashline. Don't worry the glue does not damage, destroy or irritate your natural lashes, it wears out naturally after 4 to 5 weeks. Just be mindful about how falsies, they tend to get fragile and require extra care. You need to use mild cleansers, oil-free ones to clean your lashes. It is also recommended to avoid using too much eye makeup as that might damage them and cause them to fall off. Lash extensions require touch-ups every 4-5 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle. If you live in Mumbai, there are plenty of salons that offer in-house eyelash extensions. Just make sure you get it done at a reputed salon and that the technician is trained well.

Here's one we recommend The Stunnery

Cost: Rs 5,000 plus taxes

Contact: 022 2309 9880

Where: The Stunnery - Shop 20C, Opp Agripada Police Station, Next to Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pump, Dr Anandrao Nair Road, Agripada, Maharashtra 400011.

4. Falsies

Huda Beauty
Huda Beauty Classic Lash - Samantha #7
INR 1,495 AT Nykaa

False lashes are a cheaper, more temporary solution to eyelash extensions. They require to be glued on to your lash line. False eyelashes come in disposable packs, each lash can be reused between 5-15 times, depending on how well you maintain them. You need eyelash glue and a little bit of skill to apply falsies though. Start by using cheaper ones while you're practising and once you've mastered the art of putting on falsies, make use of expensive ones.

New to using falsies? Don't worry we all start somewhere! Here's what you need to do. Start by trimming the lash strip with a pair of scissors to match your natural lashes. Apply the glue to the falsies and wait for 30 seconds before you stick them on. Take the help of a mirror while doing this. Place it at the bottom and look down while placing the falsies on your upper lashline. You can use your fingers or tweezers to get the job done. You'll love them because they add volume, definition and shape to your natural lashes. Another beauty tip to remember - when cleaning your falsies, you can't wash them under running water or soak them in a bowl of water. You've got to clean them with a cotton bud that's soaked in makeup remover to remove any product residue on the lashes. Post this, leave them to air dry and place them in the same half-moon tray that they originally came in. Store them in a cool and dry place so that it does not come in contact with heat, light or water.

5. Lash Tinting


If you have naturally curly and voluminous lashes, a lash tinting treatment is perfect for you. Lash tinting does not curl or shape the lashes, but only colours them and makes them appear darker. The dye lasts for about 5 weeks. This treatment saves you the trouble and time from having to apply mascara every day. Depending on how long your lashes are, this treatment takes about 30-45 minutes to wrap up. You could get just a lash tint or combine it with a lash lift service to curl and define them!

Cost: Rs 1,000 including tax.

Contact: 022 4247 6000

Where: The Ageless Clinic, A301, Leo Building, 24th Road, Opp. Elbo Room, Lane Behind KFC Linking Road, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

6. Fiber Mascaras

The Body Shop
The Body Shop Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara - London Jet
INR 1,395 AT Nykaa

Fibre mascaras are quite different from regular mascaras. They contain tiny fibres made from nylon, rayon and silk. The aim is to deposit the fibres to your lash tips. Run mascara over them and they appear exactly like lash extensions. The fibre mascara works wonders on women who have short and fine lashes. It gives the lashes a denser and fuller look. The product is also easy to play with around with as it can be removed with regular makeup remover without damaging natural lashes. 

Which lash treatment are you going to try this holiday season? I'm considering either the lash lift treatment or lash tinting, or maybe even both!

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