Here’s How I Got Rid Of Dry Skin For Good With A Body Wash That Costs Only Rs 40!

Here’s How I Got Rid Of Dry Skin For Good With A Body Wash That Costs Only Rs 40!

Winter is here. No, I don’t mean to quote Game Of Thrones but that time of the year is here. While we all look forward to this time because of pretty lights and all things nice, there are a lot of other challenges that come with it too. Yes! I am talking about the dry skin menace here. Dry skin is a winter problem that is absolutely inevitable. We all resort to different ways to make sure our skin is as healthy as it is during summers. From trying out multiple products to resorting to creamier body lotions, there is nothing that we don’t try. Today, I will talk about one very simple hack that actually changed my skincare routine for good. Psst… It costs only Rs 40!

For working people like me, bathing meant getting in and out of the shower to get to work as soon as I can. Sometimes, on weekends, I’d take an extra long shower and use a scrub, but that was the extent of it. However, I have come to realise that a good shower with the right product is all you need. Recently, I tried the ITC Vivel body wash and it’s safe to say that I am switching to this even for a quick shower. First things first, I love the fragrance. It comes in two variants: Lavender + Almond and Cucumber + Mint. I tried the Lavender body wash because it leaves my body smelling like fresh flowers all day. I have a thing for fragrances, you see!

I noticed a few things about this body wash that made me fall in love with it, and the fragrance tops the list. Second, it comes with a free loofah. A loofah helps scrub off the dead skin and exfoliates your body. Third, it is travel-friendly. It is not easy to carry a bar of soap while travelling, so this little bottle comes in handy. Fourth, multiple people can use it at the same time, unlike a bar of soap, without any hygiene concerns. All this and so much more, priced at just Rs 40 for a 100 ml bottle. You get all the benefits of soap without actually having to go through the trouble of using one, which makes it #BetterThanSoap. So, since this little bottle changed my bathing routine, I am hoping it will change yours, too. I recommend you all to give this a try?

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*This is a sponsored post for ITC Vivel.