Dull Hair Cramping Your Style? Here Are 6 Ways To Get A Thicker Mane In Just 30 days

Dull Hair Cramping Your Style? Here Are 6 Ways To Get A Thicker Mane In Just 30 days

We all want healthier, stronger and thicker hair. If you, like me, go green with envy every time you look at someone with thick, long hair, then this one’s for you. The internet is flooded with haircare remedies and DIY techniques, but sometimes all you need to do is tweak your lifestyle a little. And it doesn’t even take too long to show on your hair! We have listed six tried and tested ways that will help you get beautiful hair in less than 30 days! Yes, you heard that right. Read on to know more.

1. Avoid hot water showers during winters


Rinsing your hair (or body) with hot water strips away all the moisture from your scalp. This results in thinning of hair due to excessive hair loss. Room temperature water retains the moisture on your scalp and hence reduces hair loss due to dryness.

2. Oil your hair regularly

The idea of oiling your hair twice a week sounds old-fashioned, right? But Nani maa did it for a reason. Oiling your hair regularly keeps your scalp moisturised and gives your hair the required nutrients. A good hair oil which has high-quality ingredients not only promotes hair growth but also relieves stress and prevents premature greying. 

If you’re looking for the perfect hair oil, we have a suggestion for you. The new Plum hair oil is free of harmful ingredients and is packed with the goodness of eight plant-derived oils like coconut, olive, grape seed, macadamia and argan, to name a few. The best part? Just 30 minutes of application before shampoo helps shield your hair from any damage. So, what are you waiting for? Get your dose of hair nourishment now!

3. Trim your hair


Sometimes, cutting your hair a little shorter makes them look thicker than they are. We don’t mean that you should cut your hair super short, just trim them a little from time to time to maintain them. Plus it’s healthier to trim your hair regularly as it helps get rid of split ends.

4. Treat your hair gently

Sometimes, we don’t realise the kind of damage we cause to our hair on an everyday basis. Combing your hair right after washing them, rigorously drying them, not conditioning, etc, are some of the things that cause a lot of damage to your hair and leads to thinning.

5. Avoid styling tools


Sometimes, in order to make our hair feel thicker, we curl them. Not just that, for different hairstyles, we use different styling tools that make our hair weaker because of the heat. Avoid using these tools that not only cause thinning of hair but also makes them dry.

6. Make some lifestyle changes

Did you know that eating healthy is one way of growing thick and beautiful hair?  Though you can’t change a few factors, like genetics, you can definitely control what you eat. In fact, if your diet lacks some nutrients, it can lead to hair loss. So, eat a balanced diet and include food items like eggs, spinach, fish and sweet potatoes for luscious, healthy hair.

*This is in association with Plum.