#POPxoLucky2020: Team POPxo Shares Their New Year's Resolutions!

#POPxoLucky2020: Team POPxo Shares Their New Year's Resolutions!

We're almost into the New Year and we bet all of you are busy thinking about two things - your new year's resolutions and the 31st night party. New Year's resolutions are a way to take a look back at the year gone by and set goals for the next one. Some of us give up by February, some of us are able to stick to them, but all of us do make a resolution. 

Team POPxo Shares Their New Year's Resolutions!

I asked some of my colleagues what their resolution for the year 2020 was. From health to the environment and personal goals, I got some amazing responses. Read on and do let us know what you're planning for the year ahead. 

To stop procrastinating and get going!

"My New Year’s resolution is to be confident enough to take chances and to stop procrastinating and start working on my thing actively."

- Simranpreet Kaur, Writer

To get adequate sleep!

"My New Year’s resolution (for the third year in a row) is to get some quality shut-eye this year and turn off my phone at 10 pm! Here’s hoping that the third time’s a charm!" :D 

- Nidhi Kavle, Assistant Editor

To get back to shape!

"My New Year’s resolution is to see myself working out in a gym on 1st Jan 2020, pick up healthy eating habits and get back to shape."

- Kanupriya, Senior Manager-HR

No unnecessary splurges

"My New Year’s resolution is to be more mindful of the things that I own. No more unnecessary splurges. Regular decluttering sessions to ensure that my space feels light, warm and vibrant."

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer

Go with the flow

"My New Year’s resolution is to ditch resolutions altogether and go with the flow. As someone with anxiety, I like to plan everything till the minutest detail, so that there is no room for unwanted surprises. This year, I want to learn how to take things as and when they come."

- Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor

To be happier!

"My New Year's resolution is to be much, much happier! I also want to cut back on sugar, develop at least one new hobby and start reading books again!"

- Aayushi Pareek, Writer

To pay attention to mental health

"My New Year’s resolution is to pay more attention to my mental health and emotional graph which I achieved in 2019 to some extent- but really blossom in 2020. I also want to continue my reading spree in the next year and get back into music. I also want to be more politically involved in a physical capacity and not just a social media activist."

- Anandita Malhotra, Senior Writer

To cook more and explore healthier options

"My New Year’s resolution is to cook more and eat cleaner in 2020. I seek to explore raw food, vegan recipes, and relatively sustainable dietary choices. Healthier, not thinner is the motto and I am going big after the ‘smoothies and pilates’ kind of lifestyle."

 - Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer (Luxeva)

Say no to fast fashion

"My New Year's resolution is to not shop for things I don't really need and avoid fast fashion while looking for sustainable practices that can be incorporated in everyday life. In the face of the climate emergency, every single action counts."

- Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Writer (Luxeva)

To be less obsessed with cosmetics!

"My New Year's resolution is to use every single beauty and skincare product I have before I buy a new one. I get carried away when I see these products with their pretty packaging, and I have never finished a single lipstick but I still keep buying them. I don’t even want to think about how much money I end up spending on this obsession of mine."

- Kashika Saxena, Assistant Editor 

The new year stands in front of us like a blank book. So, think about what new habit or change you want to bring about in 2020. And while making good resolutions is important, sticking to them is the thing that counts. 

Team POPxo wishes you a great 2020! 

Featured Image: Pexels