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9 Fun Dance Forms To Replace A Boring Workout Routine With!

9 Fun Dance Forms To Replace A Boring Workout Routine With!

Many of you turn to diets and rigorous workout routines to achieve a fitter body. But what if we say that you can lose weight while having fun?! 

Did you know that an hour of dancing is said to burn at least 400 calories? Well yeah. Dance is a great physical activity, and we all know that. So, if gymming or running is not something that interests you, you might want to give dance a try. Several health experts and fitness enthusiasts have unanimously agreed that dance is indeed a great form of exercise to lose weight. 

Dancing not only lifts your mood, but it also makes you flexible, improves your lungs and cholesterol levels. Dance workouts have become popular by the day and almost everyone can join in on the fun. All you have to do is choose the right dance form. Here are some dance forms that will not only trigger weight loss but also give you that perfectly toned body.


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9 Dance Styles That Could Trigger Weight Loss!

If dancing is your thing, then why not include it in your daily routine and lose some weight while having fun. We are listing nine dance forms that will help you lose weight and keep you fit.


Samba is fast, it's upbeat and full of moves. The hip, arm and feet movements involved in this dance type will move every inch of your body and therefore, you can lose up to 500 calories in an hour. Samba is a very lively style of dance and besides your legs, it also focuses on waist and hips, which can help you tone up the midsection.



If you’re planning to shed those extra kilos along with your partner, then Salsa is a perfect choice. The sensual and sexy Latin American dance form is all about bending and swirling and if performed properly, an hour-long Salsa session can help you burn nearly 400-500 calories


Cha-cha-cha is a dance form of Cuban origin and the movements in this style involve maintaining control of your arms, legs and hips, making it an ideal full-body workout. Doing a one-hour session of Cha-cha-cha will make you burn up to 400 calories.

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From knee bends to jumps and partner lifts, this Latin dance form will increase your heart rate, thus making it a great aerobic workout. You can expect to burn around 300-400 calories in an hour of a Jive session.



Without having to worry about the exact dance steps and the sequence, this dance form allows you to move freely. Freestyle dancing is performed mostly on fast beat music where you have to make spontaneous movements. It's what you see in Bollywood movies or even our desi weddings! Besides being the easiest dance form for all age groups, this style of dancing will make you flexible. One hour session of freestyle dancing can make you lose around 350 calories.

Belly dance

Well, this African dance form might look easy but moving your belly on the beats is a really difficult task. Belly dancing involves slow and extremely controlled movements, thus helping you to maintain your flexibility. This exotic dance form will help you tone your hips, back and abs. If you learn this form, you can expect to burn about 550-600 calories after an hour’s session.



Zumba is a form that involves dance and aerobic movements, which are performed to energetic music and therefore gives you a perfect cardio workout. This dance workout also involves squats and lunges that help you tone your lower body. You can burn up to 550 calories after an hour of Zumba.

Hip hop


Hip hop requires your body to be moving continuously. It is a street style dance form that is performed on hip-hop music. Performing this dance type for an hour can help you burn up to an impressive 700 calories.


Masala Bhangra


Created by a US resident Sarin Jain, Masala Bhangra is a unique mix of Bhangra, Bollywood and fitness. It is the desi style to lose weight. Not only does it helps in losing weight, but it also tones your body. An hour of Masala Bhangra can burn up to 500 calories

Dancing makes exercise fun and keeps you in good spirits as well. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for some weight loss. 

PS: The calories you lose completely depends on your body type and weight. We suggest, just focus on having fun!

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