20 Ways You Can Have A Lit New Year Without Going To A Party!

20 Ways You Can Have A Lit New Year Without Going To A Party!

While the quintessential NYE celebration means to dress up and head out partying with your close friends or family, many of us aren’t down for that year after year. If your 'let’s-go-out-and-party-the-night-away' days are behind you, here are some other super fun ideas to celebrate the New Year!

#POPxoLucky2020: Ways To Celebrate The New Year Without Going To A Party!

Pick your fave, ladies. 

Bonfire night with the fam!

We’re talking roast potatoes, s’ mores and singing late into the night!

Book yourself for a stand-up comedy show

Because what better way to welcome 2020 than some non stop laughter.

Host a board game tournament

Catan, Pictionary or the Game of Thrones game?

A cooking sesh with friends

And you’ll have yourself a feast for NYE!

How about movie night?

A movie marathon of all your favourite New Year movies? Yassss!

Go camping with your loved ones

Stare into the starry skies as you ring in the New Year!

Nothing like a fun house party and some drinking games

Make it a potluck dinner - share the load, ladies!

Re-read your favourite book

Because, why not?!

Bake that cake whose recipe you’ve had saved on your phone!

Well, might as well begin 2020 on a sweet note. 

NYE staycation, anyone?

Order room service, watch some television and make a night of it!

Pamper yourself - homes spas, face masks, long hot baths and scented candles!

Because self care is the best kind of care, isn’t it? 

Go for Karaoke!

Sing your way into the New Year!

Just sleep in!


A Netflix binge is always a good idea

Because that watch list has been waiting!

Watch the sunrise, with a side of some deep red wine!

And reflect on the year gone by?

Bar hopping

Make it your regular Friday night because nothing is more fun than that. 

Challenge yourself with a 1000-piece puzzle

Start it well in time so you’re done by midnight!

Slumber party of two!

We’re talking a romantic evening in snug pyjamas, some good ol’ wine and jazz music in the background!

A late dinner reservation at your favourite restaurant

Good food = happy you!

List out all the things you’re grateful for in 2019

And your goals for the new year! Say it all out in the universe.

What are your plans? Let us know!