#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Good Deeds That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Good Deeds That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Before you get down to thinking about or announcing your big, fat New Year resolutions, here’s something else to give a thought to. Doing good deeds in the New Year! Some sweet and simple things that won’t only lead to something good, but this will also make you feel good! It’s a win-win, really. 

20 Good Deeds That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Which of these deeds are you going to do?

Vow never to use plastic

Because we all know the horrors of global warming and how plastic is affecting this planet negatively. You can start with swapping your plastic bottles for glass ones and plastic straws for steel or bamboo ones. 

Donate, donate, donate!

Be it your old clothes, stationary or a cheque, do any form of charity in the New Year.  

Blood donations go a long way

You could pay a monthly visit to a hospital near you that has a blood bank. You never know how this deed might end up helping a sick person.

When outdoors, stop and look around you - take time to appreciate nature

Find beauty everywhere!

Plant a tree or 5!

Get a bunch of friends to do this together! More the merrier!

Take public transport or carpool to work

Because, you gotta watch your carbon footprint!

Feed a stray dog

Adopt a stray dog in your own way. Make it a point to feed it morning and evening. 

Practice gratitude

Because that’s how the good things in your life multiply. 

Adopt a pet instead of buying one

If you plan on having a dog or a cat, adopt a homeless pupper instead of going to the store to buy one. 

Thank the sales person who helped you

Because a thank you didn’t hurt anyone. 

Volunteer weekly at an organization of your choice

You’ll be amazed at how much happiness that would give you. 

Hold the door for the person walking behind you, especially if they’re carrying heavy items

There’s no replacement for good etiquette. 

Eat your greens, at least twice a week

Health is wealth!

Leave a bowl of water outside your house for birds and animals

Because an act of kindness goes a long way. 

Leave the waiting staff a generous tip during festival time

"Because no one ever became poor by giving!" - Anne Frank 

Switch the lights/air conditioning/heating off each time you leave a room

Energy conservation!!

Sweat it out regularly

And who doesn’t like that cardio glow?!

Give up your seat in the metro or bus to someone who needs it more

This one’s really no biggie!

Help someone out struggling at work or in school

No harm helping a friend in need. 

Smile at someone, even if you don’t know them

Keep spreading happiness!

Did you do a good deed today? Let us know!