#POPxoLucky2020: The Best Wedding Dance Performances We Saw In 2019!

#POPxoLucky2020: The Best Wedding Dance Performances We Saw In 2019!

It's the universally accepted truth that everyone attends Indian weddings for food and fashion. But that's not where our motivation stops. We all love watching the family and friends of the couple performing on a medley of songs - sometimes stumbling through the performances and sometimes coordinating the act to perfection. The act, sometimes larger than life, with background dancers and sparkles, makes you feel like you're watching an award function live. So, with the sheer number of weddings that happened in 2019 (and trust me, there were a lot), we got some amazing wedding dance performances for you to check out. 

20 Of The Best Wedding Dance Performances Of 2019!

Which one is your favourite?

2019's First Viral Video

When TV actor Kashmira Irani and singer Jankee Parekh took to stage to dance on one of our favourite Punjabi tracks, Lambhergini, we couldn't stop watching their video on loop!

Say Shava Shava For These Parents

How adorable are the bride's parents dancing on Shava Shava from Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham? Let's just be honest and admit that this was probably the best performance of the night!

The Lit BFFs

What would I not give to have my BFFs dance at my wedding in perfect sync and without missing a beat? Add to that a beautiful Punjabi song like this one and it's my dream come true!

Quite A Unique Performance!

Imagine your parents, uncles, and aunts dancing to this fun and offbeat song! The hooting and the clapping will never stop!

Boys Will Be Boys

It is a must for the brothers and male besties to give at least one performance like this at every wedding! How else will you bring in the humour quotient?

Hottest Song Of The Season

Since Veere Di Wedding was all about female friendships and bonding, it is only natural that Tareefan should be a favourite amongst bridesmaids!

The Most Beautiful Bridal Solo

A wedding in The City Palace, Jaipur and a solo on Piya Tose Naina is enough to make any wedding dreamy! Can you take your eyes off this bride?

Proper Patolas

The bride and her besties rocked the dance floor with a mashup of Proper Patola and Taki Taki and it's given us quite a few ideas when it comes to two songs we'd love to mix up on our wedding!

The Groom's Welcome

You know your love is real when your groom decides to welcome you with this fun, peppy and surprise performance. Bookmark it now ladies and send them to your grooms-to-be later!

All Of The Bridesmaids' Love

If my best friends decide to dance like this at my wedding, there will be no stopping the tears! Look at all the coordination and how gracefully they move!

Celebrating Their Veer Da Vyaah

Before I talk about the dance can we take a moment to appreciate the beautiful outfits of these ladies? Fashion game on point! And look at how lovingly these sisters are dancing for their brother who is about to get married! Love everything about this video.

Parents Ka Swag

The parents danced with so much grace and love for each other on Nazm Nazm that we're sure they put their kids to shame! It's so amazing to see the chemistry they bring with them.

One Is Never Enough

Do not listen to anybody who says that brides shouldn't dance too much at their own weddings or they should only dance on slow and romantic songs. Take a leaf out of this bride's book and dance your heart out!

Bringing 'Em 90s Back!

If you're a big fan of the 90s, there must be at least one song in your performance from that decade. The friends of the couple chose the perfect song 'coz Sajan Ji Ghar Aaye!

The Sibling Act

We don't know if it was an impromptu act or if the siblings had practised the steps, but man look at those moves!

Behind A Screen

Look at how beautifully this unique concept has been choreographed and executed. While we've seen this concept on screen, imagine performing like this with your hubby-to-be! People will be talking about it for days to come! 

Thieves Are Here

In 2019, when everyone is looking for the perfect song to dance on, I wouldn't have expected a bride to pick this totally crazy song to dance on with her crew! But we're not complaining 'coz we love it!

The Ending That Was Cherry On The Cake

Look at this cute couple doing the bhangra on Kadar. Watch till the end because there's a little surprise for you.

Flash Mob

Flash mobs have become quite a rage recently! Seeing the whole family come together and dance their hearts out is quite fun, just like this one. Plus, you can totally jump in and join the madness. 

Tiny Tots Pack A Punch

Look at these two adorable munchkins dancing on Lehenga! Oh my god, it feels like my heart is going to burst.

Which one's your favourite?