7 Tried And Tested Hacks To Save Money Even If You’re A Shopaholic

7 Tried And Tested Hacks To Save Money Even If You’re A Shopaholic

My mother always tells me that saving money is a great way to build your wealth. But in today’s world, it’s not very easy to save, especially when you love to step out every weekend and shop to your heart’s content. All shopaholics, who love to pamper themselves with all things new, wish that saving money was a tad easier. And here’s the thing. It can be. If you follow a few tricks and hacks, you won’t have to worry so much about your spending habits. 

Read on to know what I am talking about.

1. Leave that card at home

I have noticed this for myself. When I take my credit card along, I end up splurging more than I should be. You just take them for granted. Instead, take cash so you have only a fixed amount to spend. 


2. Look out for promotions

Always be on the lookout for deals that will help you get things at a cheaper price. There are discounts online and offline that can help in saving a lot of money. For instance, all Delhi peeps should head to Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, where they can avail a gift for everything they purchase. Their Exchange Shop lets you redeem points for every penny you spend. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

3. Make a list of things you need

Making a list is always the best thing to do. You know what you need and the moment you find those things, your brain will tell you to stop. 


4. Get a piggy bank

Whoever said that piggy banks are just for kids does not know what it takes to save money. Get yourself a piggy bank and throw in those extra coins and bills lying around. You will end up saving a lot more than expected.

5. Compare the products before you buy them

It’s always good to compare the products before you buy them. A white shirt will be more expensive in one store as compared to the other. Be smart about what you get and from where. That will save you a few bucks.

6. Know what you own so you don’t get the same thing twice

Sometimes, we end up mindlessly buying things we already own. Know what you have in your closet before you go shopping. You don’t need two of the same things now, do you?

7. Cancel extra subscriptions immediately

There are so many accounts we end up subscribing to, but do we really use them all? I don’t think so. Check your subscriptions and unsubscribe to everything you don’t use anymore.


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