Survey Reveals What People Look For In A Casual Partner & The Results Might Surprise You

Survey Reveals What People Look For In A Casual Partner & The Results Might Surprise You

What's your relationship status? Single? Committed? Is it complicated? Or are you happily in a relationship with food? (because same, girl). If you're in a casual relationship or looking for a *no strings attached* kinda fling, we have some news that you'll surely find intriguing.

A recent survey conducted with 68,000 people revealed what women and men look for in a casual partner...and it's not kindness or intelligence!

Say what now?

This new research has revealed exactly what both men and women look for in a casual partner. The survey was conducted by a menstrual cycle tracking app called Clue and MyONE Condoms and the results are in guys. Can you guess what is it?

*Drumrolls please*

It's *good looks, good looks, good looks* and their partner's body! 

It basically revealed that:

 - Nearly 90% of women wanted a casual partner who is taller than them.

- 70% of men put "attractive body" as their top feature.

The respondents came from 180 countries across the globe. Woah! Questions were prepared by the researchers from the University of Göttingen and Clue's research team, led by Virginia J. Vitzthum.

Women Want A Tall *Casual Partner*

Although not so shocking, the survey results are worth glancing over: 

- Almost 90%of women wanted their casual fling to be taller than them.

- Almost 11% said it was important for the man to be significantly taller!

- Just over half of those women prefer a *hot bod*

- 50.3% seek a "fit and athletic" physique.

- And the remaining 29.1% are on a lookout for a casual partner with a "very muscular physique."

The other results revealed that women love when their casual partner has facial hair but a hairless chest! An attractive smile is something you cannot say no to! Another 'interesting' revelation was that Mexican and Japanese women love a man big hands!

*wink wink*

If we talk about sex, an average of 59% of women prefer their casual partner to have some prior experience! After all, charam sukh is the ultimate sukh

What Do Men Look For In A Casual Partner?

Be prepared to be (not) surprised!

For men, good looks came as the topmost preference!

- For 70% of men, an attractive body is a must and 68.8% prefer a gorgeous face in their casual fling.

- An attractive smile, big boobs, a nice ass, and a nice smile were the highest rated features!

- Other (important) qualities such as - being confident, kindness and intelligence didn't receive much heed!

Vitzthum pointed out that people look for trust and kindness in thier lifelong partners and not casual flings, as these qualities are important for building a family. He also quoted, "Dating more physically attractive people may also elevate one's own sense of self-worth and attractiveness," she said. "Such concerns tend to be more important among younger persons but can still be important to older persons."

What are your viewpoints on this? Do you agree with this foreign survey or are you completely surprised by the results? Do let us know your thoughts!

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