Do You Need To See A Sex Therapist? 8 Signs That It's Time To Seek Help

Do You Need To See A Sex Therapist? 8 Signs That It's Time To Seek Help

When it comes to troubles in the bedroom, it’s easy to believe that you are the only ones in the world having this experience. But that’s not true. Sex is all about pleasure but it isn't always a smooth process. There may come a time when sex becomes an issue and consequently less enjoyable. And sex can be a very difficult topic to discuss for many couples but sex therapists are equipped to deal with every kind of problem you might be facing. If you seem to be having trouble connecting with your partner and any conversations or thoughts about sex seem to have you on edge, it may be a good idea to seek professional help. 


A sex therapist is trained to help you (and your partner) resolve troubles in the bedroom. Like all our other issues, sexual tension too can be deep-rooted. A therapist can help resolve conflicts related to performance anxiety or any general relationship issues that might be causing you two to have trouble connecting. If you've tried to talk to your partner about any sexual issues and failed, it might be time to seek professional help.

8 Signs That It’s Time To Visit A Sex Therapist!

Are you having trouble being intimate with your partner? Have you lost the urge to have sex? Has it been a while since the two of you had sex? Does the thought of sex stress you out? Are you unable to perform in bed? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you might benefit from visiting a sex therapist.

It's human nature to think that an issue like this does not require therapy, that it might fix itself. But sometimes, sexual tension can really take a toll on your relationship. And there's nothing to be ashamed about it either, it could happen to anyone. Here are 8 signs that suggest it might be time to visit a sex therapist.

Sudden loss of sexual desire


There are times when you may not be in the mood or times when you're completely disinterested in having sex. This may be a tricky one to distinguish between. Identifying whether these feelings of disinterest for your partner or because of a general low phase you are in is crucial. Such thoughts, if they last for a long time are a call for action. 

Experiencing pain or physical difficulty in having sex

If you are feeling any kind of pain or finding it physically difficult to have sex, it’s time to treat it medically as a ton of things can cause painful sex. Even if there is no physical problem at the core, having difficulty having sex might be due to a number of reasons. Talking to a sex therapist will help you identify the cause and get to the root of the problem.

Reaching orgasm is an issue


While some people find it really difficult to reach orgasm, it happens very easily for others. But there is a problem if you’ve suddenly changed from one to the other. If you’re not able to reach orgasm even after you’ve tried a variety of things to excite you, there is a possibility that it might have something to do with your chemistry with your partner or the way you feel about them. 

Processing sexual trauma


Enjoying sex after traumatic sexual encounters like assault is often difficult and overwhelming. While everyone has their own way to cope, a sex therapist can help you wade through those feelings in a healthier and safer way.

Masturbating too much

Masturbation is the best way to understand your body better but if the amount of time you spend enjoying alone has suddenly increased, it might be a problem. While masturbation is healthy, too much of it can hamper your sex life. A sex therapist is perfectly equipped to deal with such issues and it may be the time to call one if you think that masturbation is negatively affecting your life.

Exploring your sexual orientation

If you have decided to explore your sexual orientation and find yourself feeling a little lost, a sex therapist can help you navigate through these feelings and aid you in your journey of self-discovery. 

Obsession with sex

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about sex all the time, unable to concentrate on anything else? Wanting to have sex all the time can be exhausting for your partner, especially when you're in a stable relationship. If thoughts of sex are constantly looming in your mind, you might be suffering from an addiction to sex. In this case, a therapist might help you find a healthier approach to this.

Mismatched desires between couples


It may happen that you and your partner have completely different fantasies and expectations from sex. One person may have a higher libido than the other, or one may be interested in exploring stuff like BDSM. If you're unable to communicate with your partner and arrive at a common ground, a therapist might be able to help you satisfy each other without crossing your own moral boundaries.  

Every therapist is trained to be empathetic and non-judgmental. If you're facing any kind of troubles sexually, don't hesitate to consult one.

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