#BridalHair: 7 Common Hair Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

#BridalHair: 7 Common Hair Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

Dear girls, you’ve most probably been experimenting with your locks ever since you understood the concept of hair grooming. While we're all for experimenting, if you are a bride-to-be, you may want to rethink. Trying something new just days before the wedding may leave your hair in the need of rehab. To save you from that, we're are listing some common hair mistakes that brides make so that at least you can avoid them. 

7 Hair Mistakes That Brides-To-Be Should Avoid!

Take notes now so you don't regret later. 

Washing your hair on the wedding day

Well, yeah! Do NOT wash your hair on the wedding day. We know that many of you would frown on this but make all the faces you want, this is the biggest mistakes that brides make. Several celebrity hairstylists recommend washing the hair a day or two before the wedding. Why? Because bridal hairstyles are elaborate and freshly washed hair make it difficult to style them. But if you are the one who has to wash your hair daily, you can use a dry shampoo.

Booking your hair trial too late or not taking it at all


Sometimes, brides are so busy taking their makeup and lehenga trials that they completely forget about the hairdo. Don't be one of them. Just having a hairstyle in mind is not enough. What if the hairdo you've bookmarked does not work for your hair? Or doesn't suit your face shape? That's why you need to take a hair trial and that too at least 15 days before the wedding day. This gives your stylist enough time to try another look, suggest a hair colour or even a cut if need be.  

Getting your hair coloured at the last moment


Opting for a new hair colour might sound tempting but getting your hair dyed just before the D-day is not a good idea. It takes time for the colour to settle down. Also, you need to have days on hand in case the revamp doesn't exactly turn out to be how you'd imagined. Experts suggest that brides should colour their hair at least a month or 15 days prior to the wedding.

A last-minute haircut


Just like you must not colour your hair just days before, a haircut too should be avoided for the same reasons. Of course, you can always go from a trim. If you are not planning to keep your tresses open for the wedding functions, it’s better not to get a heavily layered haircut. It can be difficult to style your hair in buns and other elaborate hairdos if you have layers or even freshly cut ends. Fringes and bangs are a big no-no too! Go for a fun haircut before the honeymoon instead! 

Being too adventurous

So, by being adventurous, we mean that sometimes brides tend to choose a style that doesn’t look like them. Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with a style that you’ve never worn before. Also, it's not the time to look like someone you're not. The best thing to do is to look like the best version of yourself. Spend some time with your hairstylist and we're sure you'll be able to narrow down on a style that's best suited for you!

Not choosing the right kind of flowers/accessories for your hairstyle

It might sound like a very easy decision to make, but you really need to talk to your hairstylist and try on accessories before you pick the final one. In the case of flowers, speak with a florist about which ones will last the night without wilting. Also, don't forget to carry your hair accessories to your bridal hair trial!

Not having a back-up plan

Things go wrong and that's okay as far as you have a backup plan. Your half up-half down hairdo may not look exactly how it looked at the trial, your florist might mix up the colour of the flowers, etc. Keep calm and switch to Plan B! Always have a second hairdo in mind or a spare hair accessory on hand. Your hair might also need a quick touch-up after all that dancing! Ask your bridesmaids to carry a bunch of bobby pins, a hairbrush and even a curling iron with them. 

Remember brides-to-be, more than anything else, you should enjoy your big day. As long as you're doing that, everything else will just fall into place! 

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