TraAre You A Frequent Traveller? These 12 Apps Will Make Your Vacation An Absolute Breeze!

TraAre You A Frequent Traveller? These 12 Apps Will Make Your Vacation An Absolute Breeze!

If you’re an avid traveller, you would know that the charm of life lies in frequent travels, gaining knowledge about different cultures, meeting new people and exploring new places. But all those vacations require a whole lot of planning too, right? Booking hotels, finding cheap flights, putting together the perfect itinerary are some of the things that worry a traveller, because even the most experienced ones aren’t immune to bouts of travel stress. 

Luckily, we are not living in the times when travelling meant bumbling around with a map in hand. Thanks to some apps, you can start living like a local the minute you reach your destination. So, if you’re bitten by the travel bug, we have listed some fantastic apps that you need to download right now to make your next vacation stress-free.

12 Apps You Need In Your Phone If You’re A Frequent Traveller!

With over a million different apps available on iOS and Android app stores, sorting out which ones to download might be a tricky task. Here we have listed 12 apps which are a must-have if you’re a frequent traveller.


For our frequent travellers, Airbnb is one of our principal choices due to the facilities it brings with it. Airbnb is the perfect choice for you if you are tired of splurging on hotels that don’t really connect you with the heart of the city/town you’re travelling to. This online marketplace is free of cost and will also allow you to rent out your living spaces.  

Available on iOS and Android


We often book our flights with layovers to save some bucks but killing time at the airport can be really boring. LoungeBuddy is one app that will let you find airport lounges in over 500 airports across the globe. The app, which is free to download, might get you a great deal in the lounges even if you’re travelling in economy. All you have to do is enter your trip details, membership status and service level, and it will show you all the lounges that you can enter for free or by giving a one-time fee. 

Available on iOS and Android

Even though you might feel that the reputation of isn’t perfect when it comes to cancellations, you can still depend on it to pick up a decent place as far as local accommodation is concerned. You can be assured that you are getting a good deal price-wise. Their broad range of filters will further help you narrow down your search and the traveller reviews really help make an informed decision.  

Available on iOS and Android

XE Currency

Having a currency converter is extremely important if you’re travelling. With a database of over 180 currencies, XE Currency is the ideal app as the rates are updated from minute to minute and it’s free to download. The best thing about this app is that the currency converter works offline as well. Don’t forget to update the rates before you head to your vacation and you can perform exchange rate calculations with or without a WiFi connection. 

Available on iOS and Android

Google Maps

Google Maps is an obvious choice as you do not want to get lost in a new place. Not only is their navigation function top-notch, it even makes it easier to discover places near you. And now that you can save certain areas for offline use, Google Maps has definitely become a must-have for frequent travellers. It's a bonus that it's free!

Available on iOS and Android


Not everyone can be good at planning, so why not let an app do that for you? TripIt comes in handy if you are taking a trip with multiple destinations, hotels and flights. All you have to do is forward all your booking confirmations and the app will process the information in an all-in-one hassle-free schedule. While the basic service is free, TripIt Pro has an annual subscription of $49.

Available on iOS and Android


From booking a flight to renting vehicles, you can do everything from this app. Besides being free to use, Kayak is an awesome smartphone travel app that will tell you if flying on a different day will be cheaper. It’s also a decent place to check hundreds of airlines for their best deals. 

Available on iOS and Android

Google Translate

No matter where you are, you can just enter text in one language and have it translated into another. This app is free and works fine with the internet but if you download the appropriate language pack beforehand, you will be able to translate offline as well. How helpful is that?!

Available for iOS and Android


Another app that frequent travellers should swear by is Uber. Drop a pin on where you want to go, just hit the request button and a car will be at your door to take you wherever you wish to. Just download the app, create a profile, introduce a payment method and you are good to go. And yes, it’s free and available in over 60 countries. 

Available on iOS and Android


TripAdvisor was arguably the first app to capitalize on the power of user feedback. The free app gives you a sneak peek into what others are saying about the place you want to visit. It helps you decide whether you want to go to a particular hotel or a restaurant and even helps you find popular tourist spots in the city that you're visiting. You can even post queries and get answers from fellow travellers. 

Available on iOS and Android


PackPoint is a free app that practically packs your bags for you. All you have to do is put in the length of your trip, your destination and the activities you’ve planned, and it will give you a list of all the essentials you need. While it's available for free in the regular version, PackPoint Premium costs $2.99. 

Available on iOS and Android

WiFi Map

Don’t want to spend on roaming charges? Here’s where WiFi Map steps in. Before your balance drains out, download the app as it allows you to stay connected while on the go. WiFi Map not only gives you the GPS locations, but it also shares passwords of the hotspots and WiFi networks that you can connect to. 

Available on iOS and Android

So, what are you waiting for? Download these apps, pack your bags and get going. 

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