Anshula Kapoor Talks To POPxo About Her New Venture & Reveals Secrets About The Kapoors

Anshula Kapoor Talks To POPxo About Her New Venture & Reveals Secrets About The Kapoors

All smiles and warm hugs, Anshula Kapoor is one of those people with an instantly likable personality. A 28-year-old entrepreneur, she takes joy in giving back to the community. She studied at Barnard College in New York and put her thoughts into action by working on community-building projects in Romania. She also worked with Google and gives the company full credit for teaching her the work ethics she holds close to her heart.

Although Anshula hails from a family who lives for the camera and movies, she chooses to follow her own passions. Now she is eager to bridge the gap between entertainment and philanthropy, and celebrities and their fans through her latest venture Fankind. This online fundraising platform allows fans to experience a day like no other doing activities like playing paintball, baking a cake or playing cricket with their favourite celebrity. Seventy percent of the funds raised go into a charitable cause of the celeb's choosing. 

POPxo interviewed Anshula Kapoor and discussed her new venture, her family, her brother and her future plans. Here's what she said.

Tell us about Fankind and what inspired you to start this venture.

Fankind is my way of giving back some of the love that fans have always bestowed upon Arjun bhaiya and my family. As a team, we put together celebrity experiences that he/she is happy to share with a fan - be it a game of paintball with Varun (Dhawan), baking a cake with Alia (Bhatt) or having a cup of coffee with Karan (Johar). We attach each of these with a cause or an NGO of their choosing. When the experience goes live on the platform, fans and users can donate for a chance to meet the celebrity and one of them is chosen. So at the end of the campaign period, effectively 70% of the money raised goes directly goes into the bank account of the charity. 

As far as my inspiration for starting this goes, it was the love that I received just by being Arjun's sister. When he first became an actor, he wasn't on social media but I had a public account on Twitter, so I became the carrier pigeon of sorts between fans and him. They gave me my own Walk To Remember moment because they named a star after me, which blew my mind. I once put out a message about how I'm missing my mom and I'm missing eating kadhi chawal with her and Arjun's fans cooked kadhi chawal and sent it to me. That wave of affection was magnified during Sonam's wedding for the whole family and that was the last straw that pushed me to start this. 

It was my mother who always believed that some of what you have must be given back to the community so that we can all move forward.  

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan have already chosen to support Fankind, how many more celebrities are you planning to get on board?

Right now we're on our fifth campaign. We've finished Varun's campaign and raised a total of Rs 13.75 lakhs out of which Rs 8.95 lakhs was contributed by his fans - it is all going to Manavlok, a charity helping the farmers in Maharashtra. We've also got Alia, Sonakshi, Prajakta Kohli and Karan Johar with us. Till next August, I'd be looking at finishing 30 projects. We already have about 20 people who have agreed to do a Fankind experience and of course, if you are a Kapoor, then you don't have an option. 

What is your vision for the venture?

I want to be able to cater to all kinds of fan wishes. Right now, it's just one fan but later I would like it if more than one fan being gratified at once. I also would love to explore the definition of who you are a fan of because right now in India the status of a celebrity is being given to YouTube stars, Tick Tockers, actors, chefs, designers, stand-up comedians and so many more people. Personally, I would love to have someone like Masaba, Ratan Tata, and Rohan Joshi with me.

You've held a status of quasi-celebrity all through your life. How has that shaped you personally?

I didn't have the quasi-celebrity status throughout my life. In fact, I was pretty much in incognito mode until Arjun bhaiya became an actor, which was only when I turned 21. So during my formative years, I was kept far away from the media limelight. Ever since 2012, I've had a little attention on me and it has only made me more camera shy and also get more duas from everyone. 


With almost everyone in your family loving the cameras, how does it feel like to be the one wanting to be behind the scenes?

It's to each their own - my family loves the world of cinema. They love making movies, watching movies and everything about that world. I'm very camera shy and never grew up wanting to be a director or an actor. I wanted to find what brings me happiness and now I've realised that that is Fankind. Because it is related to cinema and celebrities, I feel like I'm in the business of entertainment but in my unique way.

Describe Arjun Kapoor as a brother in five words.

Five words are definitely too less, I feel like I can write an essay on how much I love him and what an amazing brother he is. He is very protective and even when he's having the busiest day, he will always take out that moment for me if I need it. He's the best sounding board and the best friend I could ever need. He has been like a balm to help heal the void that was left in our hearts after our mom passed. He makes me want to live and do good things because he's in my life. I even have a tattoo with his name and an anchor made because he is what keeps me grounded. He is and always will be my number one priority. 

If you had to give each of your siblings a piece of advice, what would it be?

At this point, I'm more of an advice seeker and not a giver. But since Khushi is the youngest and is studying in New York right now, I would tell her to enjoy the city as much as she can. I've studied there too, so I know that it is the most magical place anyone could have the opportunity of living in. So, make the most of having experiences that would not be possible in Bombay. My advice to Janhvi would be that you should do what makes you happy. Keep signing movies that make you so excited that you can't stop telling me about them. That smile on your face makes it all worth it. My advice to Arjun bhaiya would be to never stop giving me advice. 

What is the one thing that the entire Kapoor clan has in common?

Definitely our love for food, humour and each other. But food is the main.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Hopefully, with an empire that has been built on the strong legs of Fankind and bridging the gap between philanthropy and entertainment. Maybe even married, who knows!

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