5 Holy Grail Makeup Products To Help You Put Your Best Face Forward This Wedding Season!

5 Holy Grail Makeup Products To Help You Put Your Best Face Forward This Wedding Season!

The wedding season is upon us and as we gear up for it, we need to be equipped with the right products and the right outfits to create the perfect look every… single… time. When it comes to wedding fashion, we usually have our outfits sorted, but makeup seems daunting, to say the least. But, once you’re done reading this, you will be equipped with all the tools you need #ForAllYourFaces!

Let’s begin!

Liquid Highlighter /Illuminator

Our first pick is the Faces Canada Ultime Pro Way To Glow Illuminator. Just mix a few drops of this into your tinted moisturiser or apply this as a primer before foundation, and you will have a natural lit-from-within glow. I personally also like to add a little bit extra to the brow bone and cupid’s bow after I finish my makeup. It draws attention to those points and you will gleam whenever light hits your skin!

Glitter Eyeshadow

My favourite palette currently is the Faces Canada Ultime Pro Eye Shadow Palette in Rose 02. It has the most beautiful combination of pink, brown and glitter tones to get you through the wedding season. You know when you have those early morning functions like a haldi or some pooja and you just CANNOT do a whole look? This palette saves me on those days. I just use the champagne gold glitter and pop it in the inner corner of my eye, near the tear duct and the outer corner. It instantly makes me look awake, my eyes look brighter and it also looks like I put in some effort.

Glitter Nail Paint

Always have a glitter top coat like the Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel in Shanghai Shimmer on hand during the Shaadi season. It’s an easy trick that will give you Instagram and festive-ready hands in a pinch. A glitter polish serves multiple purposes. Sure, it makes your talons look sparkly but it also works as a quick fix. If you have gel nail paint and think it lacks lustre, just pop on a coat over the top of the nail and you’re ready for a close-up. If your nail paint has chipped, one coat of this could camouflage it, if you don’t have time to remove the nail paint. Glitter (nail paint) will always save the day!

Bright Lip Colour

This is that one low-maintenance product you need when you don’t feel like putting on too much makeup. Here’s what I do, I have the Faces Canada Ultime Pro Hd Intense Matte Lips + Primer in the shade 16 Tempting. The colour is a beautiful combination of coral and red with pink. On a day when I don’t feel like putting on too much makeup, this bright lip colour instantly lifts up my look. I add a little bit of the colour on my cheeks and eyelids and blend it out. It just gives my face a flush of colour and I’ve recreated a very popular trend called monotone makeup. And all I did was put on some lipstick!


Basic? Think again. Mascara is an essential tool to bring together your eye makeup. A few coats of mascara with a simple wand like the Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara will add oodles of drama and oomph to your lashes. It offsets droopy eyes and makes them look bigger and brighter. Having voluminous lashes is basically half the battle won anyway! You can also use the mascara as an eyebrow pomade and setting gel. Just wipe off the excess product from the wand on a tissue and use it to brush through your brows. What I also like to do is use the mascara to fill in gaps and cracks in my eyeliner. I always carry an eyeliner brush in my makeup pouch and after a full day, I’ll just use the brush with some mascara to quickly touch up my liner. 

Faces Canada has these and a whole array of other products that will make your wedding looks stand out. Hope these tricks help you level up those makeup skills! 

*This is a sponsored post for Faces Canada