11 Signs You've Found Your Work BFF, Even If You Don't Know It Yet!

11 Signs You've Found Your Work BFF, Even If You Don't Know It Yet!

While you can choose your friends, you can't choose two things in life - your family and your colleagues. Speaking of the latter, having a work BFF can make even the most mundane office tasks more exciting. They're energy, they're enthusiasm and most importantly, they are your support system at work. Sometimes, it's only because of them that you can get through the day without having a nervous breakdown! 

Here Are 11 Signs You Have Found Your Work BFF

You're lucky to find someone who clicks with you. If they're sitting next to you, give them the tightest bear hug NOW!

They Make Office Parties More Fun!

Having someone to jiggy with guarantees a memorable night. Also, you know you can have a drink or two extra 'coz your bestie is there to stop you before you say or do something inappropriate! 

You Communicate With Your Eyes


You guys are pros at non-verbal communication. In fact, when your eyes meet you are not just able to understand each other, but have long conversations too! That's the magic of telepathy ;)

You Know Your Gossip Is Safe With Them

They are the first person you share the latest piece of gossip with and vice versa. And you know your secret is safe with them. 

They're Your Post Work Party Partner


When work gets stressful, you can count on that one person to grab a drink with after and dance the night away. After all, drunken tales are so much better than sober ones!

You Know How They Like Their Coffee

You guys are so tight that you know each other's coffee preferences. Strong, black or with milk, you know it all! As compared to others, you two end up taking the most coffee breaks. 'Coz you get along so damn well!

They Just Have To Look At You To Know Your Mood


A work BFF can tell if you're angry, happy, PMSing or just plain bored by looking at you! They're sensitive to your emotions and will do their best to cheer you up. 

You Talk On WhatsApp & Slack Simultaneously!

You don't trust the official communication channel and if someone read all that crap, you'd probably get fired! So your WhatsApp chats pretty much go on simultaneously with your official exchange. 

They Share Your Frustration At Work


Whenever you call a client annoying, without knowing both sides of the story, your work BFF will just agree with you. They will hear you out, comfort you and convince you to not put your papers down. 

You Know About Their Personal Life Too

The sad truth is that your work BFF knows more about you than your boyfriend. After all, you do end up spending most of your day with them. 

You Two Hang Out On Weekends Too


Movie night, shopping, or just simply running errands, your work BFF accompanies you to all these activities. You two enjoy each other's company and that's all that matters. 

You're A Loner The Day They're Not In!

You both hate it when the other one takes off. In fact, you fight about it! And if possible, you try and coordinate your chuttis! 

At the end of the day, you know that they have your back and you have theirs. Your bond is special during work hours and even after that. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that you're more likely to find a work BFF in a coworking space than a private office? If you're a budding entrepreneur or member of a small setup, CoWrks offers office spaces where you can meet like-minded individuals, brainstorm in beautifully designed meeting rooms and work in an 'anything-but-boring' environment. CoWrks is located at Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai and Hyderabad. 

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