10 Little Things In Life That Bring Happiness Like Nothing Else

10 Little Things In Life That Bring Happiness Like Nothing Else

Simple things can really make your day. Dumbledore from Harry Potter once said, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” So, what is this light? It is the little joys in life. We asked Team POPxo about the little things that make them happy and give their mood an instant uplift. Read on to know what they say about the small things that matter most to them!

1. Cuddling With A Puppy

Cuddling, in general, is a stress-buster. Petting a dog or even better, cuddling with one, releases oxytocin, the love hormone. Add some pawsome time to your day and you’ll grin ear to ear.

2. Catching Up With Old Friends

You know what's a sure-shot way to give yourself a break from everyday stress? Catching up with your friends over pizza and beer! Indulge in a fun-filled evening and brew your conversations with bitter-sweet memories. 

Finish that football match you left halfway, brave up and make that call to your childhood crush and while you're at it, raise a toast to your friends and create Mahou Maestra Moments. Nothing brings more happiness than laughing your loudest with your friends and re-living your childhood.

3. Being Productive

When you wake up early, you get so much done. Make a task list every morning (or the previous evening) and the more ticks you add to it during the day, the happier you’ll feel when it’s time to pack up and go home. Of course, some days are better than others, but every completed task gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy!

4. Going For A Long Drive

Turns out, long drives with great music are not only good for your creativity but also for your mind. It takes your attention off of other things for a while and can actually prove to be really therapeutic. If you have not tried this, do it right now and don’t forget to sing along!


5. Helping A Stranger

It costs nothing but helping a stranger puts a never-ending smile on your face for the rest of the day. Not just that, it is beneficial for your mental health. It gives you a feeling of contentment and honestly, nothing tops that feeling.

6. Sleeping Better

Sometimes, you’re just sleep-deprived and don’t even know it, you know? Don’t wait for the weekend to catch up on the sleep lost during the week. We all need to give ourselves enough snooze time, so we’re happy to take on the day and its challenges.


7. Getting Your Paycheck

Isn’t this a happy moment every month? Once we get the message that the salary is credited, the sky becomes the limit--there are holidays to be planned, dates to be organised and things to be bought. Plus, a few coins in your savings account can you get you closer to your financial goals!

8. Singing Out Loud In The Bathroom

Have you ever tried singing in full volume in your bathroom? It is the best thing ever! There is a sense of liberation that makes you feel like you have it all together. Little joys for the win?


9. Doing Absolutely Nothing

Ladies, this is one little-big thing in life that gives everyone the kind of pleasure they need. Sometimes, that one little joy in life is to actually sit on the couch and do nothing. Sometimes, staring at a wall for hours is the best thing one can do. Sometimes, nothing is everything!

10. Listening To A Baby’s Laugh

Isn’t this true? A baby’s innocent laughter always makes up for everything that is wrong in life!


Loving the little things in life? Order pizza from Pizza Hut and Mahou beer to celebrate the little joys in life. So, which is your favourite topping? Mine is pineapple. Psst… don’t judge!

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