Recycle And Repurpose: 5 Clever Ways To Reuse Your Empty Beauty Containers

Recycle And Repurpose: 5 Clever Ways To Reuse Your Empty Beauty Containers

Now that there's more awareness about the scary reality of climate change, it's important to take a step back and think about how you can do your bit for the environment. While we urge you to participate in group projects like beach cleaning drives or organising a green rally, you also need to look at your individual carbon footprint. We are all well aware that the usage of plastic takes a major toll on the environment--because it is not biodegradable. Any single-time plastic item you use will stay on this planet forever, or worse, end up in the oceans and kill marine life--which could result in the collapse of entire eco-systems!

Keeping that in mind, the beauty industry really needs to pull up its socks--almost every beauty product you pick up today is packaged in plastic. While some beauty brands have chosen the sustainable route, a majority of them still use plastic as the primary material to package their products. This is because plastic cuts down cost, as it is comparatively cheaper than glass.

So how can you, as an individual, stop contributing to this environmental faux pas? First, we urge you to try switching to sustainable brands to the best of your ability. Second, stop being a product hoarder--we've all bought products we didn't need just because the packaging 'looked pretty'. And if you simply can't avoid buying that plastic container, find ways to reuse them at home instead of chucking them in the bin after they finish. 

5 Easy Ways To Reuse Your Beauty Products


Before reusing any product container, make sure that it's washed thoroughly and is squeaky clean from within. The aim is to eliminate any existing product residue stuck in the container. Once you're done, here are 5 super easy and cool ways you can reuse your beauty product containers. 

Make A Pre-Soaked Toner/Makeup Remover

What You Need: A round skincare container

Like the big, round dabba kind! Clean out the jar and allow it to air dry. After that, put in a few cotton pads. Now for the main part, fill the jar with either makeup remover or toner. If you want to go old school, then baby or coconut oil would do too. Genius, right? You can carry them to work, keep it on your dresser or to the gym - spoil your skin!

Make A DIY Face Mist Using An Old Spritz Bottle


What You Need: Spritz bottle

Splurged on an expensive face mist? Don't throw the bottle away after you're done with it. You can make a face mist at home using natural ingredients and store the liquid in the bottle. My favourite recipe is a green tea one. I love it because it's super easy to make and it's full of antioxidants, which are great for oily and combination skin. Think of it as a youth elixir. How to make it, you ask? Easy peasy. Steep a green tea bag in hot, boiling water for a good one hour. Allow the water to cool down and then add a few drops of vitamin E into the liquid. Pour it all into the spritz bottle. Works like a charm. 

Use Old Jars As A Vase

What You Need: Cylindrical bottles or wide-rimmed jars

Love plants? Well, you will be happy to know that you can make a home for them by using your old jars as vases! For the bottles that have a small mouth, wash the container well and fill the bottle with room temperature water. You can then place a single flower with its stem cut into the bottle. Feel free to remove the labels from the bottle and replace them with stickers instead. For the wide-rimmed jars, fill them up with soil and gravel. Then place your succulent or cacti in it. Make sure that it gets enough water and sunlight to survive. These tiny jars make the perfect decor items to keep in your bedroom. 

Make A Piggy Bank Using A Thick Jar


What You Need: A round jar

If you have plenty of loose change at home and you're wondering where to store them, your giant tub-sized beauty container can help with that. The coins can come in handy while travelling short distances or making small purchases while grocery shopping. If not loose change, then tiny earrings or pendants. 

Use A Giant Tub To Store DIY Face Packs

What You Need: Round or box container

I think almost everyone I've crossed paths with in India swears by homemade remedies. Ayurvedic ingredients and spices go hand in hand here. I admit, I've tried making one too and to tell you the truth, DIY face masks are the bomb! For that natural glow, I made a face mask using turmeric, honey, sandalwood and milk. Mixed all the ingredients and applied it to my face. I kid you not, my skin looked fresh, felt soft and had a heavenly glow! I then stored the leftover paste in one of my old beauty containers. I keep it in the fridge and make sure to reapply the paste within a week before it turns rancid. Speaking of glow, another product I'm crushing on atm is...

Aloe Vera Face Pack

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Before you set out to recycling your beauty products, I want you to know that certain beauty brands accept their old containers and exchange them with new products or vouchers. You might want to check with them before purchasing their products.

You'll soon be closer to your dream of becoming an eco-warrior--by eliminating one single-use plastic product at a time!

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