Not Just Singing & Dancing: 7 Amazing Hobby Ideas For Adults To Snap You Out Of Your Funk!

Not Just Singing & Dancing: 7 Amazing Hobby Ideas For Adults To Snap You Out Of Your Funk!

The digital world and busy lifestyles have got the generation inside out, so much so, that you wouldn't question even if someday you spend 20 hours in front of your laptop. Ask someone how much time they spend making spreadsheets, emailing and travelling for work. They'll have an answer, but ask them about their hobby, they'll go into their thinking mode. That's because me-time is being replaced by thee-time in an effort to earn more money. Honestly, what is it costing you apart from, well, your health, quality time with your loved ones and things that truly make you happy?

People don't realise how important it is to have a hobby, even as an adult. As per science-backed studies, hobbies can improve work performance, your health and reduce stress too. If you're not sure what hobby you should explore, we have a list of amazing activities that you can partake to spark up your mood.

Check Out Some Amazing Hobby Ideas For Adults

Following the same stressful routine for days can suck the life out of you. So, your saving grace in a life that doesn't allow you to take a lot of breaks is a hobby. If you've loved painting all your life, joining painting classes or painting your imagination over the weekends will help you release the stress. It'll make you a happier person and you know it! So, here are a few interesting hobbies you can explore as an adult.

Learn a new language


It's too late to learn a new a misconception. It may take you longer to retain the information but it would be so unique and much more fun when you finally start to walk and talk your favourite language. French, German, Hebrew, Enochian, Spanish whatever it is that excites you, learn it. 

In fact, as an adult, learning a new language could be more resourceful for you. Think about how much you'll benefit while travelling abroad or working somewhere the language is spoken! You can join weekend classes, watch movies and listen to songs in that language, read books and their translation or use a language learning app like Duolingo, Fluentu, Busuu and Babbel.



Did you know that it is good for your eyes and health to wake up to a green view? There is so much you can explore when it comes to gardening. It's one of the best ways to connect with nature and achieve mental peace. If you don't have a garden or balcony and space is an issue, you can do vertical gardening or go for suspension pot arrangements, and grow your favourite herbs, flowers and vegetables right inside your house (near a sunlight source, of course).



Have you noticed how happy and passionate chefs are?! Imagine being able to bake your version of everything you see on a bakery shelf. It is known that when you're stressed or not at your best, doing activities that involve using your hands like doughing, hand painting, etc. help you relax and recover the fastest. When you're cooking, you can literally make anything to make yourself feel better. Start with some easy coffee mug recipes. The understanding of herbs, ingredients, recipes and taste will make you feel so powerful and refreshed, you'll forget all about your worries in no time!

Blogging & Journaling


Start a blog about whatever it is that makes you feel alive. You can be a poet, a fiction writer or maybe you have a lot of horror stories to share. Even if you wish to just journal important incidents from your life, do it via your new blog. If you can't think of anything you're passionate about at the moment, go ahead and buy new beauty products and start reviewing them. In doing so, you'll also be helping the readers choose what's right for them. Start from POPxo's beauty collection, won't you?



With fancy phone cameras everywhere, it isn't difficult to explore the art of photography. Go out, zoom in on flowers and morning leaves, capture the emotions that are missed by others. Explore photography books for some inspiration. Who knows one day you might end up showcasing your work at an exhibition!



If doodling is what you do for relaxation, you might also want to explore the grace of calligraphy. I am sure there were days when you practised it at the back of your notebook. It may take some patience on your part to nail that cursive font, but it'll be so rewarding and satisfying. It's time you get the real ink and nib start creating beautiful cards, hand-writing letters, and whatnot.

Learning about human psychology


Why doesn't she trust people easily? Why is he so possessive about everything? Why humans behave or respond the way they do has always been of interest to many. If you're also curious about it, go ahead and explore related scientific researches, books and surveys. Understanding basic human psychology is not only an interesting subject to explore but also helps you become a better employer, employee, friend, parent and partner.

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