Amp Up Your Outfit With This Must-Have Party Essential!

Amp Up Your Outfit With This Must-Have Party Essential!

Hair, makeup, shoes and accessories are usually what you would have in mind when you wear a particular outfit. But there is a new party essential on the block that could potentially MAKE your entire outfit and turn it on its head. Coloured lenses!This new accessory can help you change your look and amp up your outfit in a jiffy. Date night, shopping with your besties or work party, these lenses can give your style quotient a boost.

The Lacelle range from Bausch + Lomb has a large variety of coloured lenses with various colours and patterns that you can pick to add a zing to your look. So, here are a few that we’ve picked to give your party wardrobe a glamour touch!

Let’s begin!

The Date Night Look

We all love to wear blush tones on a date night. There’s just something sultry about a red or marsala dress. This red skater dress paired with heels is the ideal match for a dinner date with your SO. Pair this dress with the Lacelle Circle Aqua by Bausch + Lomb, which is a gorgeous aqua shade and will be the perfect contrast for your red outfit.

The Girls'-Day-Out Look!

This flowy sheer number is ideal for a shopping day or a day out with your girls. This purple dress is versatile enough for you to be able to pair it with sneakers or heels or even tie up sandals! What would take this look up a notch would be the Lacelle Premium Hazel by Bausch + Lomb, this soft honey tone will enhance the blue and red tones in your dress. You can even add a gold accent to bring out the yellow in the lenses.

The Sunday Brunch Look

Lace is the name of the game. Wear this lace number for Sunday brunch to look put together even if you have a hangover. To enhance the look further, wear the Lacelle Circle Green by Bausch + Lomb, which will be an ideal contrast to the peachy coral tones in your dress. Here’s a secret: you don’t need a tonne of makeup if you use these emerald lenses. So you can sleep in and show up looking like a million bucks!

The Power Dressing Tangerine Look

Have a party after work? Wear this midi-length body con with a slit to work. Pair it with a blazer for the day. Then at night, take the blazer off, add some earrings, strappy heels and the Lacelle Premium Gray by Bausch + Lomb. If you are going to a dim-lit place, the grey eyes and tangerine dress will help you stand out and glow.

The All Out Party Look!

This sequined straight dress screams PARTAYYYYYY! Go all out with this dress and a pair of Lacelle Premium Violet by Bausch + Lomb. The light purple tones will amp up the blue tones in your dress. It will also make you the centre of attention because lavender eyes aren’t very common, are they?

We hope this brand new party essential helps you express yourself and take your style game up a notch. Explore the entire collection of lenses by Bausch + Lomb here.

*This is a sponsored post for Bausch + Lomb.