15 Weird Smells That All Of Us Secretly Like

15 Weird Smells That All Of Us Secretly Like

Look, humans are a weird species. So let's admit that we all secretly love at least one smell that others would find weird. But guess what? You're not alone! We bet you'll like some of the weird smells we've listed below!

Unusual Smells People Love

Which one of these do you like?

1. Petrol

Okay I think most people here will agree that the smell of petrol is divine! Weird, but divine!

2. Fresh Cash

Who loves to sniff their notes after withdrawing them from the ATM? Just me? 

3. Erasers


I'm not even taking about the scented one--the regular ones smell pretty great too!

4. Insides Of New Cars

The smell of freshly upholstered seats and plastic wrapping..*mmmmnn*

5. Fire

Okay maybe not a literal fire, but there's a reason why you love the smell of barbeques and bonfires!

6. Fevicol


Come on, we all sneaked in a few sniffs as children when we would put it on our hands and peel it off!

7. Nail Paint

Sniffing nail paint is probably not good for you, but you do it anyway!

8. Onions/Garlic

How can something that makes your breath stink smell sooooo gooood?

9. Your bae


Look, we know it's cheesy, but we all LOVE the smell of the person we love.

10. Freshly Done Laundry

I might hate doing the laundry, but how good your clothes smell after makes the effort worth it!

11. Babies

When they're not drooling or pooping, babies have this unique smell that you can't help but love!

12. Old Books


If the first thing you do after buying a book from the second-hand market is opening and sniffing it, you're not alone!

13. New Sneakers

The smell of new sneakers *almost* makes me want to never wear them!

14. Cheese

Cheese, like most dairy products, is stinky as hell. But why can't we stop sniffing it?

15. Your Pet


It doesn't matter if they haven't had a bath in weeks, I love holding my pets close and giving them a good sniff. They smell like home!

So be honest, how many of these bizarre smells do you enjoy?

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