10 WTF Messages I've Received On Facebook From Complete Strangers!

10 WTF Messages I've Received On Facebook From Complete Strangers!

I use Facebook today to share memes, chat with my friends and read cool articles. While I love ALL of that, I absolutely dread opening the ‘message request’ section. Out of 10, at least 8 people who message me turn out to be creeps. I know I’m not the only woman to have received such messages, many women get these on a regular basis. Let me tell you something. Under no obligation are you expected to respond to their messages, okay? I’m going to be like your mom and tell you not to speak to strangers. In the meanwhile, here’s your dose of entertainment for the day! Trust me, these screenshots are gold.

10 WTF Msgs I've Received On FB In The Message Request Section

You know the drill, right? Block, block, block!

I’ll have what he’s smoking, please?

Oh, stop it, you! You make me sound like a KFC hot wing!

Quoting Beyoncé now - “to the left, to the left!”

Don’t get it fixed, okay?

When your stalker helps you find your doppelganger. (BTW guys, there are only 7 people who have features identical to yours. The girl looks nothing like me and this is a failed conversation attempt *Facepalm* )

Like brother from another mother?! Sorry, no can do.

Not adding you to my friends list in this lifetime for sure.

Could you be more subtle? I can hear you from the screen!

Wait a minute. How can your eyes miss me? Or your mind call me? Who gave you these superpowers?

First, how did you find me? And second, wtf is “sizzle me puzzle?” HAHAHA

I bet you've received such random, weird messages yourself. While most of us ignore or laugh at these, sometimes it becomes important to take action if things get out of hand. So speak up and don't be afraid to reach out when you need help

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