#PleaseStop: 8 Toxic Relationship Behaviours That Indian Television Tries To Normalise

#PleaseStop: 8 Toxic Relationship Behaviours That Indian Television Tries To Normalise

Indian Television has always had a way of making a lasting impact. From Komolika's hair-curling moments to Ekta Kapoor's signature move of zooming into the faces of melodramatic family members, Hindi television has a lot of gold to offer. However, there are some quirks of these TV shows that aren't just ridiculous but also downright outrageous and encourage negative behaviour amongst the viewers. This is especially true about TV shows that are supposed to be love stories but are basically a montage of stalking, kidnappings and abusive possessiveness, promoting toxic behaviour and normalising it for its viewers. So I decided to make a list of things Indian television promotes that are not true in real life and in fact, are actually quite harmful when it comes to maintaining healthy relationship habits.

Things Indian Television Has Taught Us About Relationships & Marriage That Are Toxic

We've all lost our cool while watching these silly shows and their portrayal of relationships and marriage.

Boundaries Are For The Weak


Need some time to yourself because you're mad at your boyfriend or husband? Too bad because he's going to corner you, look deep into your eyes and still not apologise! All men need to do is own up to their actions say they're sorry--chasing her around the house or your workplace (hint: Dill Mill Gayye) isn't going to resolve your problems. That's called abuse, Armaan Malik, look it up.

Stalking Is Cool AF

Trying to catch a glimpse of her as she takes public transport to her workplace, running after her and making comments about how 'good' she looks today when she doesn't even know you, is not romantic! It's called stalking and it is 100% a crime.

There Has To Be A Chase


The first time a boy and girl meet, they just have to hate each other's guts. Or maybe the boy loves her but she thinks he's horrible (usually for good reason). Either way, there has to be a long chase that will last for at least 30 episodes. Why can't they just genuinely like each other and fall in love the way real people do? And if you hate someone, chances are you'll probably never like them.

Honest Conversations Are For Aliens

Do you like someone? Don't tell them that with words! Instead, hover around them and overthink everything. Because honest conversations are for the weak. If you and bae are fighting over a misunderstanding, instead of talking things out, tell your BFF, his BFF and everyone in the vicinity apart from telling him what he exactly did wrong. Communication is the key to end this ridiculous TV show in under 20 episodes.

Relationships MUST Have A Happy Ending


Breaking up is not an option in these TV shows, because if you do not like each other anymore and things fall apart, you will definitely meet 20 years later and get attracted all over again (P.S. remember the long-standing saga between Prerna and Anurag?) Some relationships aren't meant to last forever. If you two aren't good for each other, it's better to let go than to make each other miserable 'forever'.

There Are Always Going To Be Other Women Vying For Your Man

Let's get real, not every love story has a triangle. Not every woman wants 'your man' and is going to do everything in her power to break you up. Not every Anurag comes with the baggage of Komolika.

If You're Ambitious, Your In-Law's Don't Like You


If a bahu is ambitious, her saas thinks she is irresponsible and doesn't take care of the house. In real life though, I think a mother-in-law would just be insanely proud of her new daughter because that's how it should be! How about we promote this attitude instead?

Your Husband Has To Pick Between His Mom & You

Family rivalry is the pretext of almost every Hindi television serial, with either the mother being too protective of her son or his sister hating your guts. But have you ever met someone who hates you for loving their family member? Promote love not hate!

Food for thought: isn't it time we start promoting healthy and uplifting relationships instead?

Featured Image: Starplus

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