Le Le Lelelele Number Mera: Smooth & Sneaky Ways In Which Guys Get Your Number!

Le Le Lelelele Number Mera: Smooth & Sneaky Ways In Which Guys Get Your Number!

Asking a girl for her number should officially be declared a sport. Gone are the days when a gentleman would come up to you with a simple ‘Hey, can I have your number?’ line. It’s usually cheesy pick-up lines these days. Ugh! While most seem creepy (sorry, not sorry), some of them are so smooth that they actually end up getting our number, the real one. Quite a skill, I must say!

During one of our coffee table discussions at work, we recalled all the sneaky ways in which guys have asked us for our number in the past. Here are some interesting stories that made it to the list.

How Guys Ask A Girl For Her Number

“Hey, I can’t find my phone. Can I borrow your’s to give myself a ring?”

This happened to me when I was in 11th grade and to a friend of mine at her Yoga class. While I ended up dating him later for a while (in my defence, I was in school), my friend is still in shock because her Yoga instructor asked her out for coffee later that night.


“I cannot send or receive messages on WhatsApp. Can you drop me a message so I can check?”

Another friend of mine recalls, “One of my ex-colleagues told me that something’s wrong with his WhatsApp account and he cannot send or receive messages and that if I could just drop him a message to check. Days later he confessed that this was his “tactic” to get my number. Well, he’s on my blocklist even today!”

“I'm going off Tinder soon. Mind if we move this conversation to WhatsApp?”

Classic! Well, this never gets old.


“I don't like Facebook very much and would love to get in touch with you on WhatsApp.”

Sometimes, guys initiate the exchange by sharing their number first followed by ‘So, I gotta go but here's my number, hit me up if you feel that's okay.’ TBH, it’s not always creepy and doesn’t sound desperate. That’s probably why my friend messaged him back. She says, “I was very impressed with the way he asked me to message him.”

“Are you going to work in this building? Give me your number, I have a few friends who can help you there.”

And sometimes, the courtesy is extended in a manner I call ‘trying too hard’. This actually happened to me when I was job hunting a few years ago. A guy from the same building but a different organisation offered to ‘help me’ by taking my number (he even gave me a missed call in front of me to make sure I wasn’t fake number-ing him) so he could be there if I needed anything.


“Why are we talking on Slack after work! Message me on XXXXXXXXXX”

I and a guy from work had just started talking on Slack and our conversations were getting pretty frequent. But one day, he gave me his WhatsApp number and asked me to text him there instead since it felt weird to talk on our office communication app after work. He could have easily taken my number from Slack as well but the fact that he gave me his number this way so as not to cross a line or “give me false ideas” felt quite smooth.

“Do you mind sharing your number with me, otherwise I’ll have to come to this place every day hoping that you’ll show up...”

Not smooth or sneaky, per se, but this story needs to be heard. Remember in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Rachel goes to tell actor Jean-Claude Van Damme that Monica has a crush on him? That’s exactly what happened with a friend. She went to tell a guy across the bar that her friend thought he was cute. He replied that he thought her friend was cute. No kidding!



I’m sure you must have had a few such encounters. Tell us in the comment section.

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