9 Signs That You’re A Badass Woman Who Needs No Validation!

9 Signs That You’re A Badass Woman Who Needs No Validation!

She is beautiful, she is selfless (sometimes selfish, and that’s okay), she is kind and more often than not, a total badass! Wonder who she is? She is you. Every woman on the inside (and out too)  is a badass who has learnt to never ever give up. While some of us are still exploring that side of us, a lot of us have already met that total badass. It is not easy doing what we do every day and we want you to pat yourself on your back because who run the world? You know it.

To every strong woman out there, we salute you! We have made a list of a few signs that will prove that you are a total badass woman who needs absolutely no validation!

1. You are not afraid to make a point

If you feel something, you talk about it. You will make a point even if there are over ten people standing against you. You MAKE SURE you are heard. 


2. You are not a people pleaser

You are real and not fake. You don’t do anything to please anyone. If you like someone, you’re automatically super nice to them. Mind you, you’re not disrespectful. You just like to mind your own business and that is absolutely okay.

3. You believe in being your own soul-mate before anyone else’s

You love the idea of falling in love but also believe in being your soulmate. You believe in the philosophy of self-love and everything else comes for you after. After all, you can never give love if you’re not full of it yourself.

4. You are not afraid to cry

Crying is okay. Crying is healthy. In fact, if you cry, you let it out. Crying does not mean that you’re weak. It means that you’re super strong to carry your heart on your sleeves. And as a badass, you know that!


5. You support all women

Women who support women are the best. We achieve the unachievable when we’re together. It demonstrates the powerful force that women create when they function together. You never miss a chance to help women and compliment them at every stage.

6. You love what you do

You know what you want which is why you never settle for the second-best. This is the sole reason why you always love what you do.

7. You always have a ‘plan B’

You are the girl who knows that not everything happens in one go. Which is why you always have a plan B ready no matter what the situation is. Somedays, it comes in handy and other days, you’re just thankful.


8. You make time for yourself

You are one lady who knows what it is to make time for yourself. You are your own soulmate and know the importance of spending time with yourself before anyone else. This not only gives you peace but also helps you understand yourself better.

9. You’re not afraid to try new things!

You are a rockstar and you know that. You are not afraid of failing because you know it’s a part of the process which is why you are not afraid to try out brand new things. You never fearl the consequences because you have your back before anyone else’s. 

Shine on, Boss Lady!

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